Basket Case Study

After the approval for the first stage of the project for the Backseats(BC) to analyze and and understand the problematic of situations the company is encountered to developed a steady way in the market, one of the solution suggested in previous report with the Soft System Methodology is to build a Computer-based Staff Wage System (COWS). This system is made under suggestion of making a better working environment for the staff, which will increase the staff motivation to fully contribute for the overall firm production.

BC wage system is still paper-based so tit the new system implemented, it will increase the effectiveness of many wage paper work, plus tighten the spending of wasted budget for ineffective staff in the firm by giving evaluation system to pay for the staff overall progress.

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This document specifies how the CSCW can be implied into the BC. 1. 1 Purpose of the project The main purpose of the project is to calculate staff wage based on the staff progress and the company wage rule by providing specific wage formula for each possible situation.

This system can also help the HER staff to identify ineffective staff hat is hurting the company and bleeding the budget for unnecessary payment. Moreover, the COWS will provide more convince for the SCOFF to view the staff wage and directly set or change wage rule with the provided wage level and bonus/penalty level. The system is design automated to check for any changes in wage rule and provided best calculation base on those rule.

Another support for this system is to help supervisor to record a staff progress and help with the staff calculation.

As a result, the system help the firm to make clearer and more fair wage decision for the Taft wage based on information produced from this system, hence, it will decrease the wasted budget related to unwanted employments due to their poor proficiency. For staff who used to work hard but disappointed by the unsatisfied payment, now they can be encouraged as there is bonus that can directly affect their salary through their progress made in the firm. This system could also be the first warning for staff who does not fully working as there is another penalty level that could directly affected their wage due to the penalty level in the system.

In another aspect, this yester will hopefully ease the tension relationship between BC and the MAXIM with their disappointment about the working environment in the company.

1. Project scope Project COWS is build on the idea of how to increase staff motivation and determine progress plus the staff wage management for the firm. Now within the COWS, the staff wage and bonus/penalty are categorized into specific, well defined level that is fitted for every role level from staff and every possible situation that is readable/ punishable.

Upon completion, the SCOFF, HER staff and supervisor can interact with the yester and ease their working process and increase working accuracy by computer. In addition, COWS pursues the one currently main goal of the BC, the balance between reduce budget wage on staff and increase the income of the firm by eliminate many possibilities of ineffective worker and encouraged staff to work harder to achieve bonus, increase the work flow therefore increase the outcome of the company. 2.

Overall description 2. 1 Product perspective COWS is built on computer-based system on currently availability of data and process through ERP.

However, extract from the previous analysis report, the current system f BC about staff wage is lacking of information to optimize the wage payment for each staff. To add to this problem, the important of staff payment has been emphasized through many large companies on how it would affect the staff mentally and physically, especially when it is concerned to the staff loyalty and contribution for the firm. Therefore by control the staff wage with bonus and penalty, the company can motivate the staff to work without having more analysis on improving working environment at reducing cost. 2.

Product features Record working progress: supervisor can record the staff progress and send to HER Taft department directly to analyses and evaluate. Wage manager: the SCOFF can easily interact with the system to set up wage, bonus and penalty level that can be applied to construct wage rule for BC Staff wage evaluation manager: this new feature can help the HER staff to search relevant information from staff database and construct the wage calculation based on the wage rule. 2. 3 User classes and characteristics SCOFF: who has full authorization to set up wage level and construct wage rule.

SCOFF can also review the staff wage each month to come up with a better strategy and goal or the upcoming season of sale. Supervisor: who can record or change staff progress report and save to the staff database.

HER staff: who is responsible to evaluate staff progress and report the staff wage for the company. 2. 4 Assumption and dependencies All staff connect to this system must have an authorized account. The SCOFF will set up this authorization for staff who participating in this system.

The SCOFF can also set up the account to have performance within authorization HER and supervisor receives training about the COWS before implementing HER staff can modify the wage result room the system calculation, however, the final result is binding with the wage rule of the system.

3. System feature 3. 1 Staff database their potentials, previous roles and current role and store in the database. Also, the staff progress recorded by their supervisor is kept into the database to track down their rate of working.

These information will help the executive staff have clearer view about the situation in the BC and develop a strategy to improve working environment, hence increase their contribution to the firm by giving satisfied salary payment that both suitable for staff and the company Record staff profile Record staff progress Keep track of their progress 3. 2 Wage manager The wage manager system can help the SCOFF to gain access to the wage database and set or change wage level, bonus/penalty level that fit to the company developing goal.

Also, from this data, the SCOFF can establish the wage rule that every HER staffs are able to calculate the wage based on those rules more accuracy, eliminate the biased working progress that payment is more money over expectation. The SCOFF can also keep track of the wage payment from all staff and these data could support for the uncial decision of the future goal for BC. Set/change wage level Set/change bonus/penalty level Set/change wage rule Keep track of the staff wage through report 3. Staff evaluation manager HER staff can access to the staff evaluation manager system to evaluation staff progress within authorization. The system can provide accuracy formula used to calculation staff wage based on well defined wage rule from the SCOFF. Also, report working is now no longer paper-based which is easier to lose but with the new COWS, the report is automatic produced after the HER staff confirm with the wage exult and is stored into the Staff wage database that can be viewed by the SCOFF.


External interface requirement 4. 1 User interfaces The system has 3 different interfaces for 3 different type of user: the SCOFF, HER staff and supervisor. Each interface has different (graphical user interface)Gal., with different connection to the specific database There is a minor log in interface that can direct user to specific interface based on account authorization Each interface has inutile function to help the user working process The GUI is designed to be clear and easy to interact with 4. 2 Hardware interface

The system is compatible with the current company hardware (if exist) From the last report, there is no relevant information that concern the current company hardware If not, it is recommended for the company to use Dell franchise, which is best known for the medium to large business solution for hardware 4. 3 Software interface The COWS should operate well to communicate with the current ERP system of the 4. 4 Communication interfaces Notifications are sent to every relevant users when there is a change in the system.

Notification of validate failure and confirmation are implement to display on the GUI o create continuously responsiveness between users and system. Appendix Appendix A: Actor and overall use case diagram for each choice in requirement 7 of assignment 1 Appendix B: The main use case for chosen system Log in Actors: BC staff Purpose: To log in the system Overview: The BC staff approaches and requests to log in.

The system display the input requirements (ID, Password… Belongs to the staff account attribute). The staff fills in the requirements for the system to verify.

Upon the log in, the system puts the authorization of the account.

If validation successes, the staff is now logging to the system Type: Abstract Importance: High Technical Difficulty: Cross-references: Verify account Verify authorization Pre-conditions: The staff approach the system The system is working properly Typical Course of Events: Actor Action System Response 1 . The staff approach the systems and requests to log in 2. The system displays the requirements input (ID and password) for the staff to log in 3. The staff inputs the requirements 4. The system receives the input and starts the validate progress. Rife account verify authorization 5.

The systems connects to the staff accounts with the staff authorization(role) in the system 6. The staff successful logs in the system Alternative course: Line 4: The input requirements are fault, the system notifies the staff and return to line 3. Line 4: The system cannot go through the verify account steps, it notifies the problem to the staff and go back to line 2. Line 4: The system cannot go through the authorization steps, it connects to the staff accounts with no authorization to do anything. US: To verify the account This is the process required to log in.

The system receives the staff input acquirement and start the verify progress. Type: The staff approaches the system The staff starts the log in 4. The system receives the input and starts the validate progress. The database AAA. The system successful compares the input requirements. The account is logged in b.

The system fail to find match for the input requirements in the database. Terminate the caucuses None To verify the staff role and authorization in the system After the staff is basically logged in the system, the system authorizes the staff account for further working in the system.

Type: The staff is basically logged in . The staff basically logged in 2. The system matches the account authorization from the database 3. The system sets the account authorization.

Line 2: The system cannot find the match and assumes that the staff has no authorization in the system. The staff has no authorization in the system and the system notifies the staff to retry log in again or communicate with responsible departments. Set authorization SCOFF To set up the authorization for the accounts in the system database. Type: The user is successfully logged in The user logs in as SCOFF The system is working properly.