QWL Case Study

QWL Case Study:

Quality of working life is the criterion which is supposed to define the level of the employee’s qualification that helps him in his work. It is natural that quality of working life touches upon not only the employee’s success of the workplace, but also embraces a range of activities and skills which the person combines with her job.

Speaking about quality of working life, the experts mean a set of the strong sides of an employee, which help him cope with the work successfully. To begin with, the level of education is very important for the definition of the QWL, because if the person is qualified and certified, she has more chances to cope with the duties effectively. In fact, education is not everything, because there are cases that an amateur who just likes the work and has natural will to it completes the work better than a top-certified academic. So, personal skills and talents are also counted. Furthermore, there should be a big interest towards the work, otherwise there will be no progress, innovations, critical thinking and desire to self-development.

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Quality of working life also has connections with the employee’s socializing skills and ability to cooperate with the companions and communicate with them. If the working atmosphere is friendly and favorable, it will be more the plus for the whole staff; otherwise there will be informal competition in the group and abuse of the certain employees. It is obvious that quality of working life is closely connected with the issues of job satisfaction and happiness. If the person likes her work, she will improve all the time bringing profit and fame to her firm.The issue of QWL is very important in the modern life, because every employer wants to learn about the job satisfaction of his employees and the effect of their attitude towards job on the quality of their work. Before the analysis of a case on QWL, the student should improve his general background knowledge on the topic.

After that it will be easier for his to research the case about the quality of working life evaluating, the case site, the cause of the problem, the conditions of work and the type of the staff. Finally, he will analyze the effect of the problem and define how QWL affects the quality of work and the psychological condition on a single employee and the whole staff.When the problem of case study writing can not be solved by an amateur student, the Internet offers its reliable hand in the form of a free QWL case study example. The student is privileged to learn about the manner of writing and data analysis just looking through a QWL case study sample organized by an expert online.