Case Study on Job Analysis

Job Analysis Case Study:

Job analysis is the complex procedure which is aimed to measure the requirements and resources required for the appropriate fulfilment of the particular job. It is obvious that there are many various kinds of work and every type has its own demands and standards. The analysis consists of the range of the definite aspects and questions, so if one wants to conduct a successful job analysis, he should remember the major points which indicate the type and requirements of the job.Recruiting an employee the employer is supposed to define what kind of worker he needs. So, job analysis is the essential part of the recruitment and selection process which is based on the finding of the right applicant. First of all one should think about the type of the job and create its general image.

Then it is important to define what requirements are important for the fulfilment of the job, so that what qualities the employee should possess to cope with the job. Next, the employer has to define the time when the work has to be fulfilled in order to inform the employee about the terms and the convenient working hours. After that one has to define the place where the work is fulfilled and where the place suits to the employee. Job analysis id conducted with the help of numerous methods: interviews, observations, surveys, testing, etc. The procedure is quite important for the employer if he expects to recruit the right employee who will cope with the job well and gain job satisfaction from the process of work.Job analysis is the important factor which defines the type of the work and its requirements from all sides.

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The student who is observing the topic should pay attention to the explanation of the term job analysis and catch its purpose and its major tasks. If one has decided to research the definite case of job analysis, he should learn about the case site, the kind of job, the employer and the staff expected for the work. The student is able to prepare his own job analysis in order to compare the actual requirements in the case and his alternative ones. In the end the student can evaluate the cause and effect of the case on job analysis and solve the problem professionally.Case study writing is the complicated process which requires patience and deep knowledge and the Internet can be of good help in this case.

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