Case Study on Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain Analysis Case Study:

A value chain is the tool of the strategic analysis, which focuses on the detailed research of the activity of the organization which is aimed at its strategic management. The idea of value chain was suggested by Michael Porter, who analyzed the possibility of the advantage of one company over the other in the competition on the market on the basis of their definite activities. Value chain divides the activities of the company on the ones of the first and the secondary strategic importance and defines any weak sides in these activities in order to improve their quality.

Value chain analysis is aimed at the profound research of the activities of the primary importance of the competing companies in order to see whose activity on these stages is better. When one company works better in the certain steps and stages, it is possible that its profit is higher than of the rival companies due to the better organization of its work. The process of value chain analysis is divided into several steps. First of all the activities are divided into the primary and supporting ones. There is the analysis of the strong sides of the companies which give them the priority over the others. After that there is the analysis of the weak sides of the activities of the companies under investigation and on the basis of these disadvantages it is possible to improve your own positions in these activities.

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In the end of the analysis one should brainstorm the professional and effective ideas which can improve the activity of the company.Value chain analysis is quite an interesting and important topic for the research and every student who is going to write a case study on it should improve his knowledge on it. A professional value chain analysis case study is supposed to contain interesting and up-to-date information about the case and its problem, the factors which have caused the problem and the consequences of this problem on the activity of the company. One should research the case site, collect the required data for the research and provide the professor with the professional solution to the suggested problem.Students often have problems with the research of a topic for case study writing and with the organization of the paper. Fortunately, with the proper writing assistance of the Internet one can look through a well-composed free sample case study on value chain analysis and understand the ways of formatting, organization of the paper and the required manner of writing.

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