Case Study on Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis Case Study:

Gap analysis is the method of the strategic analysis, with the help of which it is possible to find the appropriate way to reach the desired aim. The method of gap analysis is extremely important for the development of business of any kind, because helps to calculate the potential of the company and its real condition and the quality of its work and define the actual loss of the potential on its certain stages. If the businessman receives the information about the lost potential of the company and manages to improve the quality of his business, the result of the gap analysis will be excellent.

The order of gap analysis is quite simple. First of all one should analyze the current condition and the quality of work of the company. It is important to collect enough information about the activity of the business, find out about any problems and weak sides in production, etc. Then, one is supposed to calculate the actual potential of the company, which should meet the quantity of the workforce, the condition and the quality of equipment, machines and tools, etc. Next, one should plan the possible scenario of the development of the company, predict the possible results of the improvement and calculate the sum of the expenditures which are required to reach the desired aim.

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In the end a list of the methods and the detailed logical plan of the actions is created and the company follows this scenario scrupulously.Gap analysis is the useful and convenient set of methods which can be used for the improvement of the current situation of the business and its quick and effective development. When one has the assignment to prepare a good gap analysis case study, he will need to learn about the problem more and then focus on the suggested definite problem. The student is supposed to analyze the problem in detail, collect enough information for the research and investigate the case site attentively. It is important to get to know about the cause of the problem and the strong and the weak sides of the gap analysis and then evaluate the effect of the problem on the quality of the analysis and suggest possible useful methods and solutions to this problem.

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