Case Study on Data Analysis

Data Analysis Case Study:

Data analysis is field of mathematics and information technology, which is aimed at the creation of the general mathematical methods and counting algorithms of the extraction of knowledge from the experimental data. It is the process of research, filtration, transformation and modelling of data with the purpose of extraction of the useful information and decision making.

Data analysis has a great number of aspects and research approaches, which cover various methods in different branches of sciences and activity. Intellectual data analysis is the method of data analysis which focuses on the modelling and discovery of data, but not on its description. Business data analysis covers data analysis relying on aggregation. In the field of statistics the experts divide the data analysis into the descriptive statistics, exploratory data analysis and statistical hypothesis testing.The exploratory data analysis works on the discovery of the new characteristics of data and the statistical hypothesis testing on the approval or denial of the existing hypothesis.

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Predictive analytics focuses on the application of the statistical and structural models for the prediction or classification; and the textual analysis applies structural, linguistic and statistical methods for the extraction and classification of information from the textual sources belonging to the unstructured data. Data analysis is an extremely important problem, because the modern time is the age of information and the process of its analysis is essential for the existence of the human civilization. Information is an abstract thing, that is why so many methods exist in order to decipher and process it correctly. No wonder, data analysis is often called data modelling.Data analysis is an interesting topic for the research and students should devote much time to the research of the problem reading reliable facts in the trustworthy sources trying to understand the general points about the problem.

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