Bathroom Mustang Pass

Imagine this it’s a fresh new start and what do you do? Forget your mustang pass! Now if you have to use the restroom you can’t. So, you are sitting in class and all of a sudden you have to use the restroom. You go up to ask the teacher and she say’s “mustang pass please.” You tell her you will go and get it. You are sitting at your desk searching and searching and searching but cant find it. So, you end up not finding it and you tell her ” I don’t have it.

” She ends up saying ” go sit down and wit for passing time” you can’t wait! After waiting about 5 minutes you end up saying “it is an emergency!” She lets you go but you think to yourself “why did she let me go if it is an emergency but not when it is not?” Now you just went to the bathroom and came back. Hope you don’t have to go again… Now you see the struggle the kids have to go through if they don’t have there mustang pass. While at Park View students are not happy with having to have there pass to go to the bathroom. They think you should not need to have your pass when you go to the bathroom.

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