Schools shouldnt Pass Failure Students

A school is a society or community where discipline is the core value followed by dissemination of knowledge and skills. The measure of failure or pass in schools is based on an end of term exam which may not in totality reflect the abilities of the learner or rather his or her competencies. Through the learning process the learner is able to gain both generic and specific competencies.Pass in schools is a must for any learner in that school resources and time have been spent to ensure that the learner acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. The learner will have no choice but to work extra hard so as to obtain the required results amounting to a pass.

Again if schools pass failure students it will give birth to a bad spirit of laziness. The students will be reluctant in doing the necessary thing for better grades. The idea will encourage spoon feeding of the learners by the instructors.It will also results into many graduates experiencing a number of problems in the job market. The problem will be unemployment since the competence of the learner will not match the market requirements. Many of the employers consider the ability of the graduate to adapt to any situation.

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This is based on the aptitude test done during an interview.In addition it will affect the reputation of the school in terms of the quality of education being offered. This will lead to a low number of in-take in the school. People measure the quality of education offered in a school based on the market absorption of its graduates. Internationally the rating will be below the required standards hence creating problems for graduates who want to pursue further studies abroad.Arguments againstThe ability of the students should not be based on end of term or year exams because it is not a true reflector of the learners’ ability and competencies.

The system may be discriminatory in nature calling for the instructors to express their discretion based on their judgments concerning the learners’ ability. The instructors will therefore award each learner a grade based on their extra or not tested ability.Failure at times may occur due to unavoidable circumstances such as sickness. When one is sick he or she is unable to perform well resulting to failure. Therefore the school will have to treat such cases as special and award the affected learner a pass grade.

The situations should first be well justified and approved so as to limit cases of faked illness.Again, the policy can applied to those students with physical challenges for instance those that are physically impaired or mentally challenged. This will help create a level field for job search for both the well and physical challenged. The school will have to award pass for those failing in the category so as to encourage those who have developed a low self esteem to pursue education.In conclusion, education system should be a centre where competent graduates are generated.

This will be attained through hard work of both the learner and the school instructors. The school should therefore perform its core role of linking the graduates with the requirements of the job market. On the other hand, the school should put in place policies that gather for the special groups that the institution can employ in assisting them. Again the system can be further developed to clearly incorporate other abilities in the final grading of the learner. The system should strongly discourage laziness among the learners and lobbying of grades.