Why Schools Should Require Students to Wear Uniforms

Why Schools Should Require Students to Wear Uniforms Everest University Composition I Professor Cheryl Carter That’s been a question for years now in so many schools across the country for quite a while now. Students seem to go both ways, some wanting uniforms and others against them. Parents don’t always like the idea of uniforms either saying they will be an unnecessary expense as a second set of clothes. Teachers, on the other hand, seem to always be for uniforms saying it encourages students to work as a team.

Students should be required to wear uniforms, not because school officials want them, but to gain a feeling of belonging, pride, self-respect and unity as a group.

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As far back as the 80’s, schools, parents, and students have been debating the issue of requiring school uniforms. There are students who like wearing uniforms according to a study by researchers from the University of Nevada; Reno College of Education. Their study found that there was a decrease in gang activity on campus, discipline and an increase in student safety.

Also that more Latino students found school uniforms beneficial than Caucasian students did (Wharton, 2013). Many students say that requiring uniforms is “unfair” and that it stifles their individuality and self- expression.

School students should wear uniforms so that no one student can be singled out for their style, so all students will be dressed alike as well as cutting down the chance of them being bullied, beaten (or worse) for their clothing (Unknown, 2013). The study done in Reno schools also found that 90% of the students involved n the study did not like wearing uniforms.

Some students feel that uniforms are uncomfortable and violate their right to freedom of expression. Some parents feel required uniforms are an unfair and unnecessary financial burden to purchase another set of clothes for each child they have in school. It has been suggested that schools could provide uniforms to under-privileged families.

Here, people can donate used uniforms to the school which in turn, gives them to students in need. This is a good idea and would most definitely help families who have a low income.

Those who on’t meet the requirements for such a program might be upset at having to purchase uniforms for their own children while others get them free. There’s even a suggestion that school uniforms might suggest to children that conformity is the way to prevent contlict (0 2013 EducationBug. org, 2013).

This student states that unitorms are uncomfortable and being uncomfortable at school makes it hard to study and goes on to say that uniforms would make it difficult to play sports or games though I don’t see how (Unknown, 2013).

I did see one uniform pattern that was particularly nappealing, so much so that I felt sorry for the students who had to wear it. Uniforms are supposed to provide students with a better learning environment without concern about what the other student is wearing. So why aren’t teachers and other school officials wearing uniforms of the same style? Teach by example I say. I have been able to find statistics stating the advantages of wearing a school uniform but only opinion stating otherwise.

This may be due to the fact that many of those who are against uniforms don’t want them for personal reasons. I love children as much as anybody and they need to know they are respected (until they give us a good reason not to), but if a uniform has so many advantages and so few disadvantages, then it should be a requirement for teachers as well as students. There are so very many very respectable and educated professions who wear uniforms; police officers, doctors, dentists, nurses, firemen, E. M. T.

s, dental technicians and let’s not forget our beloved military.