Should Public School Students Be Required to Wear Uniforms?

Should public school students be required to wear uniforms? Uniform as the name suggests are clothes which make individuals look alike ,uniform , equal .

When i hear the ‘uniform’ at once,it horrifies me as a symbol that will curtail my freedom if i think thoughtfully, uniforms in public schools would more likely be a boon rather than a bane . If public schools have uniforms it would considerately reduce the prevailing disparagement and bullying of students on basis of apparel . There would be no bias because all students would look equal.

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It would increase the affinity among the students to a great extent . The envy among students would reduce as they would no longer eye each other .

The race to wear the best apparel would come to an end. For example,at a public school if a teen is wearing $150 sneakers, it creates a complex among other students and they also try to dress up the same way and start comparing themselves with that boy. If the other individual comparing himself with that boy is not financially capable as that boy, he gets stressed and depressed.

As the importance of apparel would reduce there is ought to be a consequent emphasis on attention towards studies in classes. the students would shift their focus from ‘dressing best’ to academically best’ . For instance ,if public schools have then the amount of time an individual spends on dressing up each morning could be productively used for studying,doing classwork and homework and concentrating in class.

When all students in a particular public school are dressed in uniforms a disciplinary environment prevails therein. The students appear more studious ,more disciplined.

As a student,i can also predict what views most students especially teenagers have regarding uniforms . It steals the freedom ,the liberty of the students . moreover some students may also find the uniforms uncomfortable.

Also,certain students not from very rich families may find the uniforms slightly expensive. As we know every rose plant along with its fragrance has thorns accompanied, every boon has some problems. It depends on us whether we take it in a positive or a negative manner. according to me uniforms in public schools might be an excellent idea indeed.