Essay on Leadership

Stop! Freeze, seconds before a bullet ripped through your head could you look back at your life and consider that you were a change to the world? Think of anything? Kennedy has effected this world and helped us through good and bad times while facing racial discrimination and judgement. During Kennedy’s presidency, he changed the world for the better.John Kennedy’s religion did not prevent him from achieving his dream: becoming president. ” Kennedy knocked Humphrey out of the campaign and dealt the religious taboo against Roman Catholics, a blow by winning the primary in Protestant West Virginia.” Although John was a Roman Catholic, he showed the world that church and state would be separated by winning a Protestant vote.

Kennedy surprised people many different ways, ” He was the youngest man and first Roman Catholic ever elected to the presidency of the United States.” He proved to the world that change can happen and that we could handle and learn from his success. After Kennedy proved to the world that his religion would not diminish his dream and that church and state could be separate, he had to prove that he could change the new rise of communism known as the domino effect.Kennedy’s poise during that beginning of the domino effect was an important change the world needed to see. ” For 13 days nuclear war seemed near… Kennedy scored his greatest foreign triumph… Great Britain joined him in the signing of the Nuclear Test-Ban” Nuclear war was a scary time during the Cold War. John showed victory when he helped with the signing of the treaty on the brink of war.

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” Yet Kennedy’s commitment to combat the spread of communism led him to escalate American involvement in the conflict in Vietnam.” Even though Kennedy has success in Great Britain, he still did not hide the fact that the domino effect still hung in the air as a problem needing to be dealt with. Helping with peace and equality Kennedy showed great leadership in his lifetime.Kennedy showed great knowledge and courage during his presidency. He once said, ” Ask not what can your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country.

” Kennedy firmly believed in this statement, he tried all he could do for his country and relentlessly tried to change the world. ” By examining ones own attitude, the possibilities of peace toward the Soviet Union, the Cold War, and towards the freedom and peace here at home are endless” Kennedy wanted the people here in the US to examine there own feelings and prejudice against problems and change within themselves.Kennedy changed and effected the world in his own ways. John Changed the world in ways he knew best. Kennedy went through great hurtles with his Roman Catholic religion and the effects.

Those all proves to the world that he was a great change the United States needed. The seconds up, use life to the fullest and always think : What have I done to be the change?