Becky Case Study

Becky, a third grade student, is unusually shy girl and does not like socializing with other students. When she interacts with other students, she performs remarkably well in education. She believes that some subjects are hard. These subjects include spelling and mathematics. She feels that she cannot do anything about them.

Effective social skills are key to strong relationships, interactions and academic performance. Though Becky is a disciplined girl, she does not have satisfactory academic performance. Through motivation and interaction with other students, Becky performs remarkably well in her studies. For Becky to improve emotionally and enable her to perform well in academics, several goals need to be set for her as she gets motivated. Becky’s achievement is highly influenced by her social life and her perception on school. She seems not to like school, and she is never serious about her class work.

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To improve her perception on school, she should be advised on the importance of schooling and its associated advantages. Since Becky likes to do things on her own, she ought to be encouraged to work with other students as a group. This can be done through group discussions. During the discussions, she should be given chances to participate by asking questions, suggesting ideas, and making comments. In her free time, she ought to play with others students.

This will make her be confident in what she does and the feeling of shyness will go away. To ensure that she participates well in classroom, the teacher can ask her questions. This will help improve her socialization with the students and teachers thereby improving her educational achievement.Becky thinks that some subjects are hard and when the teacher encourages her to focus and try, she internalizes that she does not have to be smart. When she performs poorly in class, she feels that she can do nothing about it, and she just accepts her poor performance.

This belief ought to be shunned. She can be encouraged to continue trying and working hard like other students. She should be persuaded to compete with otherr students in classroom. At the same time, she should be made understand that she has full control on her performance in school. This will enable her to throw out the belief that she does not have to be smart. As a result, Becky will improve emotionally and academically.

Becky seems to perfect in only one area that is reading. She has a strong feeling that reading is easy. As a result, she spends most of her free time and recess reading. She should be encouraged to perfect in all areas since they are equally contributive to her overall academic performance. To ensure that she devotes her time equally in areas, certain achievement goals should be set for her and be rewarded if she attains the score.

This will help her improve academically.Motivation can also be used whereby she is rewarded after achieving a certain goal in all learning areas. When the teacher promises to award the first five students with pizza, she emerges among the best performer. This is a clear indication that reward system can work well towards her achievement.