Believe in your dreams

Believe in your dreams. That’s such a broad statement.

Imagine, you’re fresh out of highschool, you have a 3.8 GPA, and big dreams. You want to become a neurosurgeon, you know this path won’t be simple at all, but you’re willing to risk it all to make your family proud, but most of all, make yourself proud.Believing in your dreams takes such a deeper meaning in life because you actually want to make it happen, but sometimes you don’t know how to. I worked hard in school, as hard as I possibly could.

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I managed to balance my life pretty well. My dream was to attend SMU, I had the GPA, but not the funding. I worked eight hours, five days a week, saving up as much money as possible to be able to afford this college – I failed.Life is full of surprises – Not always pleasant ones, though. They say everything’s bigger in texas, I agree, my dreams were huge. I knew this was my passion, helping people, it had always been there, but how could i make this happen I could not afford school,at least not the amount required for my degree.

Student loans never have a good ending – I did not want to go down that path. I felt like my life was falling apart.Sunshine comes after rain, maybe even a rainbow. Weeks had passed and I had figured it out. I had been stressing out for a while, I didn’t know what to do.

I had spent a while looking for scholarships and applying for the ones I hoped would help the most. I searched for a better job that would hopefully help. Suddenly I came across the US Army. The Army offered a scholarship of two, three, even four years, it had many advantages, I had to take it, and so I did.Years later, after serving in the US Army, i received my bachelors degree in nursing.

Of course, it was not precisely what I imagined in my future, but it came close. I truly worked hard and believed in my dreams. I tried my hardest to accomplish my goal.I didn’t let the bumps on the road keep me from reaching the finish line, and I made myself proud.