Benjamin Franklin’s Statement

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.

This is the famous statement that one of the most prestigious and well-know industry man named Benjamin Franklin popularized. The statement has influenced how many people wake up in order to go to school or work. Whereas some people argue that it is important to sleep until they wake up naturally, others stick to the statement. The bible also condemns people who sleep for long. Is the statement really true or just a false aphorism? This paper review aims to give an examination about the concept that rising up as soon as possible from the moment we woke up is really a good attitude that every individual should have or whether this concept only adds up to the misery and burden that they feel.

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This paper review also examines the different resolutions that a growing individual might do in order to combat the possibility of rising up late and missing school or work. Reality Unfolds Benjamin Franklin’s statement has caused confusion to every individual all over the world. This aphorism which was popularized during the mid of 1970 nevertheless created the sad fact that, from the early childhood, individuals are tyrannized by this moral myth and false aphorism that it is good, proper, right, and beneficial to immediately rise up from bed early in order to make ourselves useful in the society. They believed that by rising up early and getting up immediately will make them healthy, wealthy, and wise. The concept of rising from bed as soon as possible from the moment we wake up is to set one’s mind to accomplish some useful and more likely profitable work as quickly and cheerfully as possible.

But is it true? When I wake up in the morning, I always need ample time to reflect on what I have dreamt of, think of how to accomplish my dreams, and have some time to plan on what I want to achieve during the day. This is the time for an entrepreneur to think of business ideas or digest the actions he had taken the previous day. But the society has also been affected by the statement. When a person wakes up late, you hear neighbors talking about him as a lazy person who does not want to work hard. Bur does rising up early means hard work? This aphorism undoubtedly is like a burden to all growing individuals all over the world. This concept of rising up immediately also created an impact on the parents.

Parents begun the process of brainwashing their children’s waking up attitude and also influencing their children’s school charges with the necessity of earl rising. Parents also have their own methods of instilling this concept into their children’s minds. For example, parents, especially mothers, would tend to shout or scream at their children to get out of bed every morning even if their children are lying in their beds with blissful comfort, eyes closed, and trying to hold on to their fading dreams. This action of parents would nevertheless cause mental ingenuity and more likely make their children minds confused. This is because while in the world of dreams, the mind processes dreams as if it were in the normal day and when suddenly interrupted, the blood pressure rises and hormones secreted and this can cause serious psychological damage to a child. Furthermore, such actions do not give children time of reflection.

Children would also tend to start calculating the shortest time it would take them to get up, prepare to bath, have some breakfast and then go to school, and still arrive with a minute or seconds left before assembly started. This will not give them enough time to prepare for classes. They should train themselves on the time to wake up naturally without any interruption so that they have the time to reflect on what they learnt in school and even think of how to achieve their future dreams.The idea of rising up from bed as soon as possible from the moment we wake up is an untrue aphorism that children brought with them while they are growing up. This mental ingenuity affected their lives so much through pushing them to rise up during a certain fixed time that they must let go of their dreams just because they must rise up or otherwise they will be late for school or to work. This guilty feeling of being physically incapable to rise up early in the morning will surely stay with them until they become old and, during the time they are growing, such feeling will create a self-hatred attitude that will be accompanying their every morning listlessness.

Growing individuals, especially those in their twenties, would nevertheless create resolutions to rise up immediately. They would develop complex alarm systems, they would buy a timer plug, and they would even turn on their coffee makers. These resolutions are just some of the many that will really be of help to them in rising up immediately. Such resolutions furthermore would be a very effective combating method in every individual’s sluggish and unnatural waking up problems. Although people spend their hard earned money to buy such gargets, I think natural waking up is of more advantage.

People should train to wake up without such gargets to allow them have time of reflection. If in any case there may be things that can disrupt a person’s sleep such as baackground noise, it is advisable to try as much as possible to minimize them to enable him get the desired sleep. Sleeping until a person wakes up naturally does not mean that an individual is idle. The bible condemns idleness since the fall of man. In proverbs chapter six, the bible says that God tells the sluggard that if he continues sleeping, he will be poor and hungry. Does this mean that we should not sleep? The sleep referred to in the bible is laziness.

The bible condemns laziness. But people have wrongly interpreted the bible and are denying themselves the right to sleep until they get satisfied. This does not mean that a person should rise up late and become lazy like the great poet of loafing, Walt Whitman, who could rise up late, arrive to the office at around 11.30 a.m., and leave at 12.

30 for a two hour lunch break and come back for an hour of work.The concept of rising up immediately from the moment we woke up undoubtedly destroys an individual’s willingness to get up. It destroys their right to have a blissful comfort while dreaming of great and good things. It also forbids them to further rest and relax their minds. In addition, the concept of having “FUN” while living is gradually being deleted in their minds.

People would surely want to live their lives to the fullest and would not want to become like robots that are programmed when to wake up and immediately do some useful work. Every person by nature wants to have fun in his/her life and such a concept of rising up as soon as possible eliminates such right to enjoy. It deprives people to live their lives to its utmost capacity. In return, it makes them sluggish every time they wake up. The concept of “FUN” is totally eliminated and many of us want to enjoy every day of our lives and, if only allowed, we really like to sleep and rise whenever we want to.

The concept of rising up immediately is therefore a burden to everyone. It controls our sleeping and waking up attitude. Real fun in life begins when we let ourselves do what we want to, when there is no reservations, no holding backs, and no thinking of what will happen tomorrow or on what time we will wake up the next day. Letting loose of ourselves does not mean that we are not living according to the way life wants us to, but it simply shows that we are in control of our lives because we only live once, but, if we live it right, once will definitely be enough. Just like well known artists, musicians, or businessmen, to sleep until a person wakes naturally, gives him/her time to think creatively and reflect on ideas that can make him also successful.