The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Name: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Publisher: Penguin Group ‘Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen’ –Twain, Mark. Fitzgerald was inspired by this quotation and created this wonderful story. The main character of this story-Benjamin begins life as an old man and proceeds to age backward. Although his life is reversed, I think he has a normal like many people who experienced wedding, college life and joining an army.

After reading this story, I found that I do not agree with this quotation. Different people may have different standard of happiness. Even the life is reversed, there is not much different. We will have the same length of life. Benjamin spends his childhood with his grandfather. They discuss with tireless monotony the slow event of the day, like old cronies.

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When he grows up, he looks like his father’s brother. Benjamin’s wife is younger than him for twenty years. However, Benjamin must see her gets older and older.

Finally, her appearance makes her like his mother. At the same time, he has to call his son uncle in front of the guests. In addition, Benjamin has become a classmate of his grandchild! At this time, even Benjamin has gain a lot of experiences, his physical condition do not allow him to do much.

He cannot understand the meaning of the words. He cannot remember what he did before. Just like the children and elderlies in real life. They have to be taken care by others and they cannot control nor do whatever they want.

Even the life is reversed, I think people cannot be happier. Besides I think this story reflects a social phenomenon.

Parents are forcing their children to do some specific things at different age stage or they do the things under the social pressure. In this story, Mr. Roger brought home a rattle and insisted in no uncertain terms that Benjamin should ‘play with it,’ deciding which college he goes and his occupation. I think the parents can give them more freedom and responsibilities that allow them to do something original and create new things.