Case Study on Divorce and Children

Divorce and Children Case Study:

Family life is not always the happy one, because there are situations when there is a problem of misunderstanding between the husband and the wife and often the only way out from such a situation is the divorce. Divorce becomes a serious problem when children are involved into this process. Evidently, parents are afraid of the children’s reaction and attitude towards divorce, so they try to brainstorm the weirdest methods to inform their kids about their decision. According to the investigations of the psychologists divorce affects children’s mind negatively. Children often face the problem of stress and disappointment, because they think that they are the main problem and reason of their parents’ divorce.

As a result children’s self-esteem is damaged and they become depressed.Some parents do not want to cause problems for children and try to save their marriage but this idea is not always a good one. When the child sees constant quarrels and misunderstanding in the family, it will probably suffer as well. Anyway, if parents have decided to divorce there is a problem who will take the child. The child will feel confused, when asked who to live with – the father or the mother.

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The child will not be able to make a decision at once, being afraid of hurting one of the parents. On the other hand many psychologists claim that children are not very vulnerable about the divorce. Of course, they face stress but this stress does not cause serious problems in their future and world view.It does not worth mentioning that divorce is a big problem for children and the student who wants to prepare a good case study on the topic should find out about the reasons of divorce and factors which cause it. Then, one should find information about the attitude towards divorce in different cultures and explain how the problem influences on the society and children. A student should investigate the topic from all possible sides, economical, social and psychological ones in order to be able to analyze the direct case chosen for the research.

It is important to understand the cause of the occurred problem and its effect on the life of the child and make the right conclusions.It is not always easy to organize a good case study possessing no writing experience. The Internet is often the best way out because here one can find a good free sample case study on divorce and children prepared by an expert. On the basis of the well-analyzed free example case study on divorce and children one will construct a logical paper and format it well.