Best Of Intentions Case Study

Cynthia should not hire Steve Ripley. As well as being in a minority population as Steve is in the company, Cynthia had put great empathy into consideration when deciding on the promotion case.

While it seems not fair to raise a less qualified trainee rather than a more competent one Just because of race, it Mould be truly unfair to put an employee in a position that his or her failure is destined.

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From the following paragraph, I am going to explain the exact three reasons NH I think Steve should not be promoted in this case. First of all, learned from the regional senior vice president Peter and the longest-tenured district manager in Arkansas, we know that Steve was not necessarily a good fit in the region. Since some degree of discrimination still exist in Arkansas that those white farmers don not have trust in black people dealing with their assets and manage them.

Business is business, when taking business managerial decisions, one should follow both rational analysis and objective statistics to make moves that would be in the best interest for your company.

Though Steve was upon the most well-perform trainees, Nee research and past experiences indicated that his chance of doing successful business in this region would be slim, his is not suitable and should not be put into this position.

Furthermore, Peter had mentioned both his former failure of hiring two employees named Betty Nines and Hugh Conley and Cynthia predecessor’s reluctance to hire Steve as indicator why Steve would not be a perfect fit in this position. As Peter described, two employees as talented as Steve does was put into a region which is similar to Arkansas with regard of the discrimination problem, and they both had their career derailed. Moreover, from the last part of the article, we can see that even Steve himself stood for the opinion that he should get a better chance rather than being set up to fail due to the reality.

Eventually his own reluctance was why I think this would not be a great promotion for him from any standpoint.

Since both objectively from the environment and subjectively from his own viewpoint, they all seemed to be negative on this potential promoting move. We can assumed that Steve himself went through some critical analysis process after hearing all the stories from Cynthia and came up with the conclusion that he would ether wait for long odds than impossible ones.

In conclusion, from the past experience and their knowledge of Arkansas from the supervisors, this position and situation were not the best fit for Steve Ripley, and it would be unfair and against the company’s odds to give him such an unsuitable promotion. Last but not least, Steve made a decision not to take the position due to all the disadvantages against his future success and career. Because of the reasons raised above, I think not promoting Steve in this case would be the best decision for himself and Cynthia and the Company.