Cynthia Mitchell Case Study

Cynthia Mitchell even though was more capable than Bill Hawkins was not selected for a coveted position in Northern Indiana because of the same. B) On grounds of race : Racial prejudice existed in some other districts where customers were unwilling to work Ninth people from the black race. They did not trust them and led them to their failure as a person and the organization as a whole.

Steve Ripley, the year’s top trainee, who Nas a black, was thought of not being assigned a role in the Arkansas district citing the same reason.

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Customer’s supposed prejudices dictating the hiring policy – he customer’s supposed irrational outlook is deciding the resource deployment policy of the organization which is also affecting resource utilization. In the bargain, meritocracy is forced to take a back seat in cases where discrimination is in play. Analysis 2 – Should Cynthia hire Steve? Arkansas biggest customers would be unwilling to work with a black professional. Learning from past experiences of going against the likes of customers Cynthia should not hire Steve. Reasons being – I.

The stakes of Stave’s career being jeopardized are high.

It will set him up for failure and affect his future promotions. Rhea customers won’t trust and buy from Steve thus affecting profits, the shareholder’s and the organization as a whole. Steve would be a more valuable asset in a more hospitable location. Analysis 3 – Suggestions, Recommendations and Lessons Suggestions and Recommendations: I. The company should plan a long term motto and let it be a part of the company’s mission statement.

This should be related to equality and tolerance for all. This shall be a long term indirect socially relevant task.

Sensitivity Programs should be designed for the managers which shall provide Insight into the sensitivity and tolerance values in various districts of business. These should focus on the sensitive districts and formulate a policy to deal with the same, so that going forward no discrimination exists and the company creates opportunities for all employees. Add a standby work pool of trainees, who can be allocated as and when there are relevant openings.

Also, as a part of policy review the company should evaluate its overall personal review system, its advertising and racketing strategies, and the products being offered in the faltering markets.

This Nil help in analyzing other weak areas if any and improve upon the same. Lessons: I. A promoter of change needs a more gradual approach. Spreading the tolerance motto and then acting on it would be a better approach than acting on instincts.

Being practical while dealing with societal intolerance’s, so as to not affect the Company’s standing. Adapting to prejudices is necessary sometimes and blatant risks can be avoided, if resources are utilized, more specific to the organizational demands, in a better way.