Big Narrative

It was early in the morning I could tell because it was still dark outside.

I was getting dressed for school when I smelt juicy bacon and eggs being cooked I ran down the stairs and saw my mom over the stove. She looked up and gave me a big warm smile I skipped over to my seat at the table and sat down she brought my plate over to me and I ate up every bit of the breakfast she had made. I gave her a big hug and whispered in her ear, “Thanks mom!” My mom would always be there in the mornings just preparing me something to eat, it’s as if I expected her to be there. I heard a stern voice that called, “Veronica come on, let’s go.” “Whoa what!?” I yelped.

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“Veronica we’re going into this room to talk to the doctor about your mom’s arm. Come on let’s go.” My Dad was slowly tugging on my arm. We were in the emergency room because a couple weekends ago my mom was outside working and she was lifting some heavy pots and the next morning her arm just wouldn’t stop hurting and it kept hurting for quite a while so we rushed to the emergency room the doctor was concerned that my mom’s hurting arm could lead to a heart attack. He suggested that my mom should be moved to the North Cypress Medical Center. When I heard this I was confused how could a simple shoulder ache lead to a heart attack? I thought, how would I live without my mom at home? I was in shock I didn’t think anything like this would ever happen and I was so afraid for my mom and I just wanted her to be okay.

I thought I don’t want to lose another loved one and I just wanted to stay with her all day, but I couldn’t I had to support my team in my club tournament. I was so worried, I knew that I needed to do well so that I didn’t let my team down, but I couldn’t seem to focus. After my games that day I wanted to go back to the hospital to check up on my mom it was around 8:00p.m. and the hospital closed all visiting hours around 8:30p.

m.3 When we got there they let us quickly go in and check on her before they gave her more drowsy medicine. She looked so worn out and tired. I could tell that she didn’t feel well at all and I knew that she was wondering how we were doing. When she saw me she wore the biggest smile on her face she asked how my day had gone, but I could tell that hers wasn’t too great.

We talked for a while and she seemed so lonely and afraid, I could tell that she just wanted some company. I had never seen my mom like this before and in disturbed me. Unfortunately I needed to go home and rest for tomorrow. I didn’t want to leave her I just wanted to give her some comfort and let her know that it was going to be fine. I gave her a kiss good night and walked out the door. The next day I was up early for my tournament and I just couldn’t think straight.

It was so different. I didn’t smell the juicy smell of bacon and eggs being cooked and the house seemed quite and dark. I had so many thoughts running through my head like, is she okay? How much longer was she going to be at the hospital? What if this is some heart attack? Will she ever be the same? Will she ever come home? I was so happy when I finally finished all my games that day and that the tournament was over I didn’t realize how late it was until we got outside. We hadn’t heard any urgent news but I still wanted to go check on her. There wasn’t much to do in the car so I looked out on to the passing traffic.

I could feel myself just drift off in to my own little world. “Ahhh…the weekend!” I exclaimed. I walked into my house and saw my mom standing there with a bunch of hot golden brown cookies on a plate. They smelled so good and like chocolate chips! I ran up to my room to put my stuff up and it was spotless and clean. My mom had spent all day cleaning my room just so that it would be clean for the weekend.

I ran back down stairs and gave her a huge hug and said, ” Thanks so much mom!” “You’re welcome Veronicaa….” “Veronicaaa, Veronnnniiccaaa? Wake up sleepy.” My dad whispered to me. “Uhhhh…? Ohhh I was daydreaming.” I said under my breath.

I climbed out of the car and we walked into the hospital. We quietly walked into my mom’s room because she was asleep she was lying there so relaxed, yet motionless. She woke up the instant we walked in she seemed very pleased to see us; we talked for a while about how she was doing and that her arm was feeling better and that the doctors were still working hard to figure this out. I wanted to stay with her, even if it was just for support. I wanted her to know that I loved her and didn’t take her for granted and that I would be there for her, I wanted to stay and my dad agreed to it. My sister elected not to come because it was so late and by the time she would have gotten there she wouldn’t have been able to get in.

“Hey, mom.” I spoke in a clam and quite manner. “Hello sweetie,” she answered back in a low and meaningful tone, “How was your day?” “It was pretty good.” I replied to her question, “I don’t know what place we got in our tournament but I believe we did good.” “That’s good.

” My mom added. “Have the doctors told you when you are able to come home?’ I asked. “I’m not to sure.” my mom whispered. “Well is there anyway you can find out?” I demanded.

“Veronica,” my mom said softly, “I don’t know just be patient.” “It’s just that we really need you at home because there is so much stuff to do mom and we miss you a lot.” I whimpered. My mom and I talked for a couple hours but I was very exhausted from earlier that day that I feel into a deep sleep. The next morning I spent a couple more hours with my mom just having fun but I had to go home and help my sister and brother with all the chores that we had to do.

It was time consuming and it definitely showed me that my parents do a lot for me and that I never appreciate it because I always took them for granted. For example when my dad was driving me to and from my volleyball games or when I wanted to see my mom in the hospital, I just expected him to do it but he didn’t really have to. There are so many things that my mom does for me she always helps me study for tests, she takes me to my friends, let’s me have friends over, takes time out of her day to get things that I need for school or different subjects, takes care of me when I’m sick, my dad does many things for me too like let me play club and he takes time out of his day to drive me to practice and tournaments, he is at my games to support me and cheer me on, sends me to good schools to get the best education I can get both my parents do so much for me and they never let me down, and they are always there for me. I see now why I always took them for granted it’s because I always thought that they had to do it when really they did it because they love me, I always excepted my parents to just do things for me, I didn’t see that they didn’t have to do all those things for me and I need to see that I can’t take them for granted anymore and I think that may be a reason for why God put me through this experience of my mom being in the hospital so that I could be shown that my parents aren’t little servants for me. Later that day the doctors finally let us take our mom home. I was so thrilled and relieved it was like the feeling of when you find out that you aced a test and the whole time the teacher was grading it you just couldn’t wait to see it and then you do and its like a feeling of relief that everything turned out to be okay.

I thank God so much that nothing happened to my mom and I really appreciate everything my parents do for me.