Argumentative Essay on Happiness Narrative Essay

Happiness is a feeling that most people take for granted, and some rarely feel it at all. This is one of my experiences when I was filled with joy and happiness. I just got into my English class. The teacher just announced that she put in the grades for our essays.

I was filled with nervousness. I gingerly grabbed my Chromebook from the rack under my desk. I wish my hands could move faster. I opened it up and the screen blinked to life as the light from it hit my face. I gulped in anticipation, I wanted to know what I got because, in the end, the grade could be game changing. I was never one that was could with essays and I especially struggled with writing.

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Making it through 9th grade HP English with an A would make me ecstatic and this essay grade would determine how the remaining portion of the year would pan out. I put in my password and waited for the laptop to load itself to the home page. Waiting, I let my thoughts wander. I want a good grade, I need a good grade. I went to the Home Access website and typed in my username and password.

During this time I was not listening to what the teacher was saying or what anyone else was saying around me, I just wanted to know what I got on my essay. While Home Access Center was loading up my data I took a look outside and envied how sunny it was. Sunshine is for happiness, I thought, not for agitation, stress, and worry. Three emotions that I was feeling while the home page popped up with all of my grades. This is it I thought to myself and I scrolled down and clicked on HP English 9.

I closed my eyes as I my grades would pop up for that class. I know I did well, but sometimes being over confident will not let you improve and take defeat. I opened my eyes again, silently praying that I did well. My eyes scanned the screen until they landed on To Kill a Mockingbird Essay, I looked into the other row to see the grade that I got on it. Total Points: 100 Points Scored: 96 96%! That was my best grade on an English essay this year! I was instantly filled with relief as my veins released all of the tension that they once held.

I let out a breath that I did not know that I was holding in. I looked at the grade once again to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me, it still said 96%. After relief the next feeling I felt was happiness. My grade for English was secured and I could easily have an A overall now. I exited out of Home Access as a smile grew on my face. I closed my eyes just to take in this moment.

I finally did it. Hard work does pay off and I was beyond thrilled and proud with my work. English is and probably will be my hardest subject but with hard work and determination I do not see why I should give up just because it is not one of my strong points. I shut my computer down and once the screen turned black I closed it and put it back under my desk in the little rack. I looked back to the front of the classroom where the teacher was standing with a smile on my face and happiness in myself as I knew that with this grade I could do anything.