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Personal Essay Everyone in this world has there own way to help them with their writing skills. Some read books, others sit outside in the nature to get ideas for writing. Well I myself just like to be all by myself so nobody can bug me at all.

That way i can have all my thoughts to myself. With me just being by myself with my own thoughts can really help me out with trying to figure out a topic for the next paper. I may sometimes pick a book up a read a chapter or so and see if anything really catches my eye on something that i would like to write about, and i’ll more than likely scroll through my phone a few times and maybe something on Facebook will catch my eye for a cool topic to write a story about. Just bein myself really helps me out alot also, because i think if you’re not yourself when you’re writing a paper i just think it’s not going to sound as good as it normally would. When i think of someone writing a paper is going to be themselves writing it and it not being fake or not written like how we know how this person writes.

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It just won’t be the same if you don’t write it like how it sounds in your head. My family has never been the writing type, whenever i ask for help they really don’t know how to help me in any way. They just tell me to always look at our books to understand more about it. I have never been a good writer at all either. I’m not the straight A student for any classes especially writing.

It’s been hard for me to develop as a writer but i think over the years in the high school having to take all the english classes and always having to write at least one paper each trimester i think has really helped me. Last year in Mrs. Johnson’s helped me a lot with the speech aspect also too, since you have to write your speech then go and talk about it always made me want to have a good speech for a good grade. I never got a straight A in her class but i thought a B was pretty good since i knew i wasn’t the best reader, writer, and speaking and having to do that all in one class really helped me alot. Like i said i was never really brought up as a writer but i think the more i write the better i get.

The person who has really inspired me i think for writing was really no one. I have never looked up to someone special for writing but if i had to say someone it would probably be my grandmother (How sweet!)because she is so good at it because that’s all you could really do back in the day is write to people. She wrote a lot to my grandfather who was overseas in korea at the time fighting that war. So she got a lot of practice from that and whenever i get a birthday card from her, her cursive is always so perfect and nothing is really messed up in her little letter that she writes me in the card. It is always so neat and hard to read because i have adapted so much to the print that it’s hard for me and all my friends and family that it is hard to understand sometimes. I think the biggest things that challenge me as a writer is that i’m not a good writer.

It challenges me to get better at it and to strive for that A on that paper but i think that is the hardest part and will always be my hardest part in my writing career. What also pushes me is to get a better grade on the paper than my friends and to rub it in there face a little and have that confidence booster which hasn’t really happened yet but i am hoping it will happen this year. I haven’t really had very many success stories in my writing career because like i said i’m not that good of a writer. But i think my biggest success is that when i got like a B+ on one of my papers. (A, B+ is a good grade!) I don’t think i get very good grades on papers because i think i speak my mind too much and all the teachers want us to be politically correct.

I’m not a fan of that kind of stuff and i really don’t want to plan on following that way of path for writing. I just want to be correct. I think the earliest memory of writing was pretty bad because i was probably around 8 years old and i could barely spell any of the words that i wanted to write in letter that we were sending to someone after a project we had done. I think that is what set me in the wrong direction for writing because no one really set me up for a good writing career and i would like to get some good grades and get better at writing.