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Problems can be dealt in a positive or in a negative way but while in the situation it can change person’s life. Some people have a lot of problems and others may have less. In my case, when I was nine years old one of my biggest problems was when my parents got divorced.

It changed my life forever. Mostly in the worst way possible. Having divorced parents led me to being separated from one parent, getting to celebrate holiday’s twice, and having to have a hard decision to where I would want to live. I was always with either my mom or my dad. Never with both it seemed a little awkward at first from being with one parent. I was mostly with my mom but I really wanted to be with my dad.

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It changed me in many ways because I was mad at my mom because she wouldn’t let me see my dad, so she would get me into their problems. Use to always say- “Well if you want to be with your dad then there is the door you can just leave and get out of my house. Your just like him you should be ashamed of yourself your turning out just like him.” It used to hurt me a lot in the inside I once even though that my dad was the bad guy here. That my dad was the one with the problem that I shouldn’t even talk to him.

My mom use to get me into their problems but with time I learned that my mom was just hurt of not having my dad with her. I guess she grew also like I did we after became really close. We learned to love each other no matter what and support each other. One of the only good things about having separated parents was having two Christmas that might seem a little selfish but it is fun. I think that this changed me to, it made me more “spoiled”, but I eventually grew out of it. I had no other choice after they both became close as friends because they could never be again.

I love them and now I understand their situations. It’s hard for my mom to be a single mom but she’s learning and I really appreciate that now. I see how it really is and how hard it is. But I love her no matter what well both of them their life I look up to them. Having separated parents changed me for the better and the worse. When I look back, it doesn’t seem like a bad changed in life as many people may see it.

I see it as a “life changing” change. It has made me who I am in life now, even till this very day it still makes some sort of change. I learned to appreciate people that are single parents because now I see how it really is and how hard it is. That helped me grow up and see life in a hole new other aspect.