Personal Statement Free Essay Sample

“There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the seas are asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke and cities made of song.” This is one of my favorite quotes. This quote always gets my imagination working and I begin to imagine all of the different places in this world; places I have yet to see.

My curiosity has prompted me to want to do so much with my life, that I have already begun my adventure by learning about the things that interest me, all while expanding my experiences and life lessons. I see my life being one big adventure filled with interesting people and breathtaking sites. Now where exactly does this adventure being, one may ask. My answer would be college. I see college as the road to all, the beginning of one big journey, and my journey through life to be exact.

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I want to submerge myself into the world around me. One of my biggest aspirations is to travel. I want to see the world, instead of seeing Oak Lawn. I know that there are much bigger things to see. I want to learn everything that I possibly can about any given subject that sets a twinkle in my eye or a fire in my heart. I want to do so much with my life, that I don’t quite know what to focus on completely.

Instead, I plan on trying out new things. I want to keep an open mind and not trap myself into something that I might later resent. I am however, especially interested in science, definitely the subjects of biology, physics, and neurology. I would love to somehow use those subjects, to work with people who have disabilities. My patience and optimistic attitude would be good attributes for those career choices.

I also want to be able to have the freedom to travel and put forth my effort of helping people in other countries as well. In order to see success in these career choices, I have to put forth the effort into learning about them through experiences. I have exerted myself into several different classes in order to learn about the different career choices that I have shown an interest to. I took a psychology class, which I enjoyed a lot. I loved to learn about our nervous systems and the different effects our external environment has on us. I am also taking a peer training class, which has introduced me to kids my own age with disabilities.

Though I was extremely nervous about taking it at first, it has definitely shaped me in a positive way. It opened my eyes to how my actions can affect other people. I realized how powerful anybody’s thoughts and words can be. It has also taught me that patience and tolerance are very significant virtues to have in any given situation. Some other classes that I took that helped to shape me were all of the science classes that I have taken over the past four years of high school.

My favorite classes include: Biology, chemistry, physics, gene technology, human systems, advanced physics, and anatomy. I am fascinated by all of them because they all somehow contribute to the world we live in. Whether it is curing diseases or balancing chemical equations, they all meant the same thing to me: this is what I’d love to be a part of. Outside of the classroom, I have learned many things as well. I have learned responsibility through the extracurricular activities I was a part of or the job that I currently have. Responsibility will be one of the keys to success with whatever I choose to do in the future.

I was involved with speech and theatre, eventually becoming assistant director to a play last year. Those programs have taught me that you should never let your fears control your life. Before I was a part of the program, I was extremely shy and just hid in the background. After being in those programs for three years, I gained my own voice. I became more confident in my choices and myself which will help me out my entire life.

Another thing that has taught me responsibility was getting a job. I also work at noodles and company, though it has nothing to do with my future career choices, it is teaching me the valuable lesson of putting your whole effort into something, regardless of what it is working up to. I have also learned through my job the beauty of motivation and determination. Before I had that job, I applied to many places, went to interviews. Though the prospects seemed hopeless, Noodles came through. This first job of mine has taught me so much.

Throwing myself into all of these activities has also had some effect on my schooling. My grades have fluctuated during my four years of high school. During my freshman and sophomore year, I was only involved with the plays, so I found more time to do my homework and study. By my junior year though, I was in the plays and on the speech team. They were extremely time consuming, so I had to sacrifice homework time for theatre time.

We were practicing for almost 6 hours a day. By the time I got home, I was so exhausted that I just went to sleep instead. I ended up not doing so well in some of my classes. Since then, I have learned how to balance my time much more efficiently. I now realize what my priorities are and how to deal with them effectively.

I have also learned that if I wanted to be a part of something, I would have to work extremely hard at it, and know that can’t be the only thing I focus on though. My time management skills have definitely improved, and I am able to juggle work, school work, and anything else I many have to do. Time management is very important, especially when I go away to college on my own. I have learned how to do so, while still doing the things that I love and seeing success come to me. Teaching myself how to roll with life’s punches has taught me a lot. My Faith in myself has never swayed, and I hope yours in me doesn’t either.

I know that my optimism can take me to the stars, but college is the first shuttle out!