Field Study Personal Statement

A little girl inspects a rock; she licks salt from its edges. Click.

Another child tests her dress to see how far it will balloon when she spins in circles. Click. A boy navigates a rock wall; he lifts one leg in the air to maintain balance. Click. These are the moments my camera helps me find. These are the images I freeze in time.

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Photographing children as they explore the world has been my vocation for the past five years. I grew my portrait photography business out of the two great assions in my life: children and photography.

Taking successful images requires patience and persistence, which I count among my attributes. Each time I pick up my camera, I strive to bring out my subject’s personality. Sometimes I pose the right question; other times I point out something that captures the child’s interest.

No two children are alike, therefore the results I obtain are always fresh and interesting. I find the same principle holds true in the classroom. I participated in my aughter’s classrooms from preschool through first grade, which was hugely gratifying.

During Journal writing exercises, I coaxed the kids towards fertile ideas, then watched them develop these ideas in their own way. While reading, I asked the kids to imagine they were one of the main characters.

I posed open-ended questions that the children could interpret and answer as they saw fit. During my field study placement, I hope to learn tools that will complement my natural ability to interact meaningfully with children.

I also look forward to the opportunity to work within a classroom curriculum beyond first grade. In the classroom setting, I will bring patience and energy to each student. By example, I will show students that it is our essential nature to explore, examine and create. I believe I can excite and inspire them; most of all, I hope to ultimately persuade my students that learning is its own reward as well as an invaluable life skill that will bring them enjoyment, confidence and recognition.