Economics Personal Statement

People in this world are like tiny little wheels. Each of these wheels is dependent and is influenced by some other wheels. The ‘wheel’ that has influenced me the most is my father, who was once a banker. He plays a major role in establishing and developing my view of life and view of value showing me how essential economics is in our daily lives, making me particularly interested in the behavior of firms and organizations. Therefore, I decide to pursue a degree to study in Economics.

Over the past few years, my studies and activities have taken me in a direction geared towards learning more about the function of economics and inner workings of business, as well as the skills required to put these theories into practice. Reading newspapers and books, which keep me up-to-date information about the economy and business development interest me so much. I became a regular reader of “The Economist” and “The Times”which allowed me to learn about current affairs and machinations of the world. I was also intrigued to learn of the extent how various aspects of businesses were intertwined, all related and responsive to one another. I once read David Friedman’s “The Economics of Everyday Life”, in which, he persists that economics is not only money, but needs, wants, choices and values.

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He demystifies international trade and he adopts popular and easily understandable cases as well as flexibly combined obscure economic principles with people’s daily lives. Through reading the book, I had a good mastery of the principles of economics. The importance and application of Economics related disciplines to the modern world have led me to pursuing the study of the economics-related subjects at a higher level. I believe that education is a continuous process that does not stop once the bell rings to signify the end of a class. It transcends the four walls of the classroom in order to affect meaningful social transformation.

It liberates us from being prisoners of conventional frameworks, allows us to revolutionize the way the world thinks and sustainably develop the dynamics of human life. So I had not only tried my best to learn the essential theories but gained practical knowledge as well. I found myself taking more of an interest into the world of economics when I took up a work experience in a Japanese restaurant (Hong Kong) during my last summer break. This was indeed a real eye opener, and much more enjoyable than I could ever imagine, demanding new ideas and creativity in the place of work. It did no just give me an insight into the world of economics but also an opportunity to refine my understanding of the inner workings of the organizational environment and function of economics, thus reinforced my interest in economic studies as a whole. I understand that enthusiasm and interest are two key qualities.

Coupling these with an ability to be open-minded and to consider different opinions and views is indispensable if I want to succeed. Hence, I have put all efforts into my works, giving all my best whether academics or not. I believe the invaluable knowledge I have acquired will serve as a stepping stone towards my success in my further study. Being an optimistic, hardworking and dedicated person equipped with a high level of understanding when it comes to economics, I am confident that I will become an outstanding lass with much to contribute to the society. I am greatly looking forward to relish opportunity and the challenge of pursuing a degree in my disciplines of interest in order to extend and deepen my theoretical knowledge and practical skills. I am confident if I am given the opportunity to study in the Department of Economics, I will grow in an environment which is competitive enough to let me go beyond academic excellence allowing me to bring out the best in me.

I was born in the Hong Kong. I have lived in Hong Kong for eighteen years. I was growing up and receiving an education there for most of my life. I started to study at International Education Center (IEC) when I moved to the United States. One year passed and I moved to study in College at California. I am involved in many activities in college.

For my college in America, I work as a historian in the Foreign Language Club. In addition, I am an active member in the Environmental Club. Beside these activities, I had also participated in numerous activities in my school in Hong Kong. The USA has the world’s largest international student population, with nearly 700,000 students choosing to broaden their education and life experience in the United States. The United States has one of the world’s finest university systems, with outstanding programs in virtually all fields so there is no better reason why I want to study there. Experience in international surroundings is a profitable commodity.

Many employers seek the wide variety of knowledge, adaptability and experience that international students acquire by studying in the United States. When I continue my studies in the U.S., I am making a choice to broaden not only my eeducational experience, but my cultural opportunities, as well. The US colleges and university institutes offers numerous study choices. The benefit of US Colleges is that you will be offered subject and course of your choice in one college or the other as US has the largest number of teaching colleges.

You will also gain industry experience as colleges have tied up with research institutes and industries. This will infuse an added interest to learn and excel in the field. Education in USA pans a variety of subjects and is synonymous worldwide. This is because of quality programs, faculty, resources, research programs and systems which ensure that institutions continue to maintain high standards. Accreditation systems also ensure that standards are maintained.How many of us have been the victims of racism? How many have been guilty of being a racist? I grew up in a Chinese society where the thought or feeling of racism has never occurred to me so I had never considered about these questions before.

Now, after the first taste of racism, I can truly understand racism is more than just a term in the textbook. I started to feel the notions of it when I was working as a volunteer tutor in Mathematics for aspiring students. “I don’t want a Chinese tutor!” the mother of a student told me the first time we met. I did not know where she got the impression that a Chinese could never be a good tutor. I felt that it was asinine and tried to ignore, but it still hurts.

What I realized from that event is the power of giving an opportunity to someone to demonstrate his/her competence. If I were given a chance to be the tutor of that student, I would not be just helping the student to improve his Mathematics. I would also be able to use that achievement to ease the extent of racism of his mother. There were some twists and turns as I took my journey. Being an immigrant, I have also faced the culture shock, language barrier and the differences in education systems. I have overcome all these during the past months.

I am so proud of whom I am and I feel I deserve an opportunity to receive higher education. By participating in AOP, I have the opportunity to study in SUNY at Geneseo. This will definitely help me to achieve my goal, which is major in Economics which will enable me to understand the world and help me make better choices. The tutorial assistance from AOP will help me to develop a better foundation for my academic works. The uniqueness of it certainly stands out and plays a pivotal role in my education.