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Choosing a career can be tough but in reality the choice of your career is the experience you have in life. It can be something that you’re already doing without even truly realizing it. My family and athletic experience in high school made me realize what I wanted to do for my career. My personal family problem that I have is that my parents are divorced.

They’ve been divorced since I was six years old and it has been a big impact on my life. I’ve always been put in the middle on their plans for when I should be spending time with either one of my parents on a holiday or weekends. When I was younger, it was hard for me because I got pressured when one of them asks me who I want to spend time with which made it more difficult because I didn’t know any better, I was only six. As I got older, I started making my own decisions on what to do or make my own plans with each of my parents in an organized matter but, it still never made things any easier. Realizing the reason why my parents got a divorce was because things were never really stable for them, mostly financially. That’s how I knew that I wanted some type of career that will support my future security.

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I didn’t only learn that I wanted to have a career that would help to stabilize my future but also what I intended as a career choice. I want to be a physical therapist. In all my younger days, I was an athlete that ran cross country and track. I had gone through injuries and I had to learn certain aspects that were within my injuries. One injury in particular forced me to see a physical therapist. During my time being with the physical therapist, I learned a lot on what they had to do, how they got their major through college, and they make a good living.

Just lying on the massage table, I realized that physical therapy had gotten to my interest. For my senior year, I took up classes that had the educational background that goes in pair with the major. I’m good at remembering things which gave me no challenge to remember everything about the human body and its’ functions and it helped me achieve good study habits. After deciding that I wanted to be physical therapist, I made two specific goals and two in general. My two general goals is athletically and educationally, I want to get as high level of success as I can in order to get good scholarships for a college that I want to go to.

On the other hand, my second general goal is to work for a doctorate degree in physical therapy. Getting a doctorate degree gives attentions to any professional organizations that I want to get into such as one in particular, the Chicago Bulls because I’m a big basketball fan. I could have a shot to be part of them because my father has held season tickets so he has connections with head of the ticket organization for the Chicago Bulls. As for my two specific goals, I want to have a secure future and be part of the medical staff for the Chicago Bulls. As I’m working as a physical therapist, I want to have enough experience to be part of the medical staff of the Chicago Bulls. I would want to work as either an athletic trainer or the teams’ physical therapist.

In other words, my experience of my parent’s divorce tied with my athletic experience in high school. All the experience made me realize that I want to be a physical therapist that can help me keep my future stable. On top of that, as soonest as I made my choice to be a physical therapist I made my goals on how to be a physical therapist and what I want to do when I am one.