Argumentative Essay on School

Its been around for centuries. School seems to be a strand beaded into the daily lives of humans.

No one calls into question in a serous manner wether we need it or not. The only objections i hear about school are that its “too early” or its “too boring”. These are silly objections. You will always have early and boring moments in your life. Think of school as a way to train you for ways of life later, not for the actually material they teach.

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I fins that the only tings i have taken from my school experience were as follows: How to be on time, How to be organized, and how to coordinate. I do agree with the fact that schools teach english the most and best of all classes. There is a problem that resides deep within the belly of these educational systems if you haven’t noticed. The reasons school is a sad place to be is because of the lack of creativity required, the lack of real world experience in the learning process, as well as the shear irrelevance of the curriculum we are taught. One more topic to touch on is where the road goes if you don’t go to school.

Creativity. It seems that whenever I offer an alternate way to do something its automatically invalid. not only that but the spectrum of classes seem to be very diverse to the untrained eye. However the amount of classes and the curriculum they cover is rather shallow and unfulfilled. I know this because like everyone else, i speak from thirteen years of real world experience. when i walk into any of my classes i see a common trend between each and every one of them.

They all seem to be playing back like a broken record! I go in to math and the first things i experience are my teachers fake stretched out attitude. She acts so happy even though she devoted her whole life to a brick room and some numbers. That sounds harsh but if they are going to boil down our creativity, maybe awakening them to their own lives will help. The school system should strive for nothing more than to create a group of young CREATIVE individuals who innovate and excel the world economy. Right now we are just pooping out accountants and lousy middle class profession mindsets to potentially brilliant people.

Where are the entrepreneurs? It seems that all of those creative people strive to be the exact opposite of what the school system wants them to be. I am one of those people. The look on my math teachers face when she sees I’m different and more creative is eye opening. She snarls at me for stepping out of line. the creative ones don’t see the same vision that the schools want them too therefore they skip school to devote time to something better.

Real world experience is something every school lacks in some way or another. Now, i run a school store with real money and real merchandise and real people. Thats amazing and I’m glad that thats available to me. But wheres the math or english real world experience? what about the history? You cant possibly expect people to hear about all of the wonderful things (to some they are wonderful) and not back it up with actually doing it? Thats all talk no show. Sure we do worksheets but thats useless.

We work our asses off day in and out just to earn points. If we don’t earn the points we are deemed lesser of an intellectual. The fact that there isn’t a way to get real world experience in a class such as math means one thing and one thing only… We don’t need it for the real world! Sure we need to know how to do simple math. And i remember being told “you wont be carrying a calculator with you everywhere so you NEED to know this” well, i have a phone everywhere i go which has a calculator so no biggie. Another big thing i hate is when a teacher tells me i need to do something. Since when are you more of a person to tell me how i need to be using my time? Just because you’re older than me docent mean you’re more wise.

School is a young adult daycare and thats it. I have gotten through my whole school career just doing the bare minimum and turned out fine as long as i showed up. What is more important to your parents and teachers? that you got the right answer?, or you showed up? skipping is looked down on way more than getting an f. Remember that. Ahh… if i asked you to sum up your day at school today with one paragraph for each class could you? sure you could. But it would be uninteresting stuff that quite frankly no one cares about.

Half the time you’re in class you learn about how to do things and not why we do them. We are learning when people died. Why? They’re dead so who cares? We learn about what life was like back then… Like it matters? We need to be learning about life today. I hated history the most because we were basically recapping the last 10000 years and how it all went down. If i wanted to know then id go watch ice age or something.

Now don’t get me wrong, to progress in the present we need to look at past mistakes and learn from them. However i don’t think I’m going to be building a pyramid or fighting a civil war. Point being, its irrelevant. Math and history are the biggest showers of this. Science and english are the most relevant subjects in order to get further in life in my opinion. There will always be a need for science and speaking.

Though science is still irrelevant to someone who is wishing to be an accountant. Everything i need to learn i would do out of school. thats the way we learn is by failing. Going out and doing it and failing makes you learn. Not a worksheet with requirements.

So you might be wondering where you’d be left if you didn’t have school. This is where history helps us in one aspect. Take any kid in the 1700s and 1800s. Schooling was very little and people usually had no time for it. This was a beautiful thing. Andrew Carnegie was a great example, He spend four years in school.

Yet he still loved to learn. How is that? Its not that big of a secret. He reads. He has real world experience. Which, in fact, got him further than any other graduate.

He was one of the richest people in the world! The common trend that these people in the early years have with millionaires today is that they knew that no one would do anything for them and they had to love to learn. So they did exactly that. They went out and made mistakes and learned a lot. Look where it got them! Who’s to say it wouldn’t be the same for you? We devote seven hours every day to school and they rob more time from us with homework. We go to school for five days of the week and seven hours every day.

Thats alreadyenough. Why do We have to have homework if we already devote thirty five hours of our week to school. (You’ll go to court if you don’t show up by the way). My philosophy is, “Since we devote this much time to school already, wouldn’t it be fair if we had homework done in the seven hours every day? Since when is the time for our families and friends as well as ourselves worth less then some paper that will get us points?” Its all a game and you agree to play every day. Wake up.