Biodiversity: More Important Than You Think

When you look outside the window what do you see? Maybe a street, a few buildings, and some trees? What if you looked out the window and saw large amounts of wildlife, crops, and running water? That vision of looking outside and seeing so much biodiversity has turned into just another dream. Why? Because of the loss of biodiversity, which is the measure of the variety organisms present in different ecosystems. It is absolutely essential to sustaining the living networks that provide us all with food, health, wealth, fuel and other vital services are lives depend on. Now I know what you’re thinking “Another boring informative article” or possibly, “This isn’t science class so who cares”. Well lets think about it this way, the loss in biodiversity means less natural sustainability for all life forms, less crops, and weak ecosystems that would not be able to withstand disasters.

So lets wake up and try to salvage whats left of our ecosystem. We tend to think little of our environment and usually take it for granted, but if the state of biodiversity continues to decline, that environment we think so little of will eventually start to disperse right in front of our eyes. Alright so maybe our planet won’t diminish into a billion pieces if we don’t control the loss of biodiversity, but there will be a great loss in resources. There are ways to save and increase the biodiversity on our planet and that is by: Cutting down on the pollutants we put in the air Start protecting areas Slowing climate change Informing and Educating These steps may not be able to be resolved quickly, but one thingwe can all do is inform others as much as possible about this broad issue. The more people who know and realize about how important biodiversity is the higher the chance is about preventing the loss in biodiversity. So let us unite and slow down biodiversity loss.

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