Important Choices In The Sniper

Important Choices In The Sniper By: Jonathan In the story “The Sniper” the protagonist had to make several important choices. These important choices lead him to blow his cover and also survive. Risking a smoke, shooting an old lady and cleaning his wound are all important choices in this story.

I believe that if he didn’t make these choices he would’ve been a gonner. First, one of the important choices he made was that hewanted to risk a smoke, he knew it would risk his cover but he did it anyway. This is an important choice because if he didn’t smoke he wouldn’t had blown his cover but he did. As he smoked a bullet whizzed over his head, his cover was blown. He could’ve died right there just because he smoked.

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Second, another important choice was when he shot an old lady. This is an important choice because the old lady discovered him and was going to rat him out by telling the enemy about his location. He didn’t have to shoot her but to keep the enemy from discovering his location he shot her dead. If he didn’t shot her she would’ve told someone and the enemy would have surrounded him and eventually killed him. Third, The final important choice is the part where he cleans wound.

During the gunfight between the two snipers the protagonist got shot at and the bullet grazed his arm. It was bad he couldn’t use his arm. The important choice was to mend the wound by dressing it with cotton to stop the bleeding. If he didn’t tend to his wound he could’ve bled to death. In conclusion, the protagonist of “The Sniper” had to deal with a lot of issues but he made important choices that eventually lead to his survival.

Risking a smoke, shooting an old lady and cleaning his wound all lead him to live at the end.