Why words are more important than actions

She sat there, on the bench, unnoticed. Like a tree in the forest, she was just another person, but inside, she had complications. Her son was a vegetable, living off of life support. Does she end her sons life, or have hope that maybe he’ll snap out of it? Everyone believes she should let him go, but the people that tell her such terrible things don’t understand what it feels like to lose a son.

I believe what a person thinks is more important than actions because actions are produced by thoughts and sometimes thoughts can be stronger than actions. Have you ever stopped and thought about what you were about to perform? You have to think in order to conduct an action, even if you don’t notice that you’re thinking. To go back to the lady with the son in the hospital, the people who were trying to her advise her to let her son go, they were not thinking of how they’re taking away a boys future and all the things he could have done for the world. If they would have thought about the benefits and consequences between letting the boy go and holding on for a little bit longer, maybe their opinion would change. Furthermore, “Actions speak louder than words” is not always logically correct. For example, if a lot of people think the same thing, it is easier to win an argument due to more people being able to produce thoughts and reasoning to back up what they’re trying to win.

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In other words, it’s a lot easier to make thoughts stronger than actions because most people do not think before they act. Unlike the lady with her son, she thought about it and won over the people who didn’t want to think.To conclude, thoughts are always more important than doing an action immediately, because you get reasoning and might get more sensible answer.