Actions can save a kid from bullying

I think what a person does is more important than what a person believes. I agree on the phrase ” actions speak louder than words “. Why? Because you can talk all you want, be as loud & angry as a gorilla, but it still doesn’t mean your capable of what you say you are.

Instead of saying what you can do, show it ; prove it to others.For example, one for young people such as high school kids would be two people fighting. There’s people who get real hyped up screaming & jumping around like a monkey. There’s others who stay calm ; try to avoid the fight ; if they were to fight its usually the calm person who wins. How? Because the person screaming isn’t a fight, they use there words to prove how big & bad they are even though there not what they say they are.A personal example is when I get in trouble I always tell my mom “sorry, I can do better I promise”.

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She always tells me ” don’t tell me, prove it to me “. So I always try my best to stay out of trouble so I can prove to her I’m better than that. So she can trust me, if I go out ill be safe & not get in trouble.Hopefully these two examples will change your point of view that a persons actions is more important than words. You should always prove to others what your capable of especially if they don’t believe in you.

Actions really do speak louder than words.