Words or Actions?

I saw her bawling and I knew exactly why. This wasn’t the first time that it happened. I went up to her and asked, “What happened?” “He did it again.

” She said while crying. I was right as I thought. He has cheated again, he told her, ‘I promise it won’t happen again, trust me.’ I told her not to give in and go back with him because I’ve been through all of that before and I know what decision to choose and she didn’t choose the right one. People these days try to say things to other people to make the other person feel good or to make themselves trustworthy.

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What they don’t know is when they’re actions doesn’t prove what they said. If you’re going to say you’ll do something then do it, don’t leave tat other person hanging or broken. If you do that, it just makes you look like a not trustful person and it makes your personality look bad. People should really believe the quote, ‘Actions speak louder than words’ because words are less important than actions.