words kill

Do on to others as you would want done to you. Chapter 1: Words Kill. Bullying is a horrible thing to do. Not only is it rude but it is also life changing.

People need to realize that words hurt. Weather you like to believe ” sticks and stones may break my bones ,but words will never hurt,” well truth be told, words can / will haunt someone. Late nights will destroy anyone. But if you are overthinking what people said about you, it crushes you. It will slowly destroy a person.

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Strong or weak, smart or not, boy or girl. Depression doesn’t care. It will attack you from all angles. Not only will depression take control of his or her life but it will also demolish it. Everything that person loved will be gone.

Their hopes and dreams will be gone. Motivation? You can go ahead and throw it out the window. Words kill. Literally kill people. It is wrong and should be against the law to bully people. Bullying someone is not okay no matter what has happened to the “bullier.

” The bullier may have gone through some hard times like : abuse as a small child, having a lot of family problems and not really knowing how to deal with it. No matter what has happened to a person bullying should not be something they do. Now granted some people don’t really know that they are bullying someone else but in my point of view, if you were going to say something to someone and you are unsure of weather it is nice or not ask yourself, would you like having that said to you? If not then you should not say it as it can be harmful for others. Regardless of being a bullier or not people who just watch it happen are just as guilty. They are just as bad as the bully.

Typically a bystander is someone who is not all for the bullying but they don’t necessarily stop it either. They will sit there and do absolutely nothing. Just watching can be just as harmful, in fact it is. Someone can watch someone and not say anything because they are scared that the bully will go to them. At the end of the day being bullied is no joke and if you are getting bullied tell a trusted adult.

If you are a bystander, stop being one. Being a bystander can and will cause so much damage. It will feel like to the bullied that no one cares and myself harm and or kill themselves and you might feel guilty. And quite frankly that is normal. Bullying is wrong and words hurt, kill even.

If you are a bully, stop. It is rude and uncalled for. Novalee membrino