The Unsaid Words

“We are masters of the unsaid words but slaves of those we let slip out,” is a quote by Winston Churchill. Many hours of the day we are left with words unsaid. We are left with our own thoughts that we’d rather not say. The words we let slip out are the words that have been meaningful enough to slip out, therefore, we become slaves to them.

Often, we let thoughts manifest through our brain. We don’t even realize it, but a large majority of our thoughts turn out to be unsaid words, sometimes thing we wished we did say. Our train of thought is all unsaid words. Our opinions, thoughts, comments are all sometimes left in our head. The words we do say are what makes an impact on who we are. Some things are better left unsaid.

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Our unsaid words are what we strive to keep unspoken. The words we let slip out, have slipped out. We may regret what we say or we might like what we say. Compared to our unsaid words, our said words have a larger impact. We are slaves to the words we speak.

The words we speak can be camouflage to the words we think.