Words Better Left Unsaid

A thrill runs down my spine as I gaze upon a clean piece of paper.

The prompt suddenly registered in my mind like a laser, and all of my ideas file into a solid beam. Now filled with confidence, I take a deep concentrating breath and press my pen against the white document and put my best ideas to work. From middle school on, essays and creative works have been my forte. If there was any class I was guaranteed an excellent grade in due to my essay skills, it would be my advanced English course. The combination of literary analysis and writing critique gives me an incredible area to work, open to many avenues of exploration through the written word. Due to my natural ability with writing,it was difficult for me to understand the gift that had been bestowed to me until I truly realized the importance that comes with skilled writing.

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Being able to write an essay is an important tool for young people when being educated due to the effect it has on one’s ability to think logically and methodically, as well as the advantage that it gives to clever students when faced with difficult situations. When a student writes an essay, they learn how to correctly place points in an order that will help them persuade the reader or just simply organize their thoughts in a meaningful way. Also, the students are trained through timed essays to collect their thoughts quickly and answer a prompt effectively and convincingly on the spot. This technique is applicable later on in life as well, seeing as quick thinking skills are needed in most job setting such as teaching and can help someone out of a highly dangerous situation, such as unruliness that crops up on the highways just after the holidays. The skill of writing an excellent essay is also needed for some our most important jobs in the country.

The writers of the President’s State of the Union Address must be able to adequately convince the American people that the president knows what he is doing, and the only way to that is throughout careful word choice and appropriate literary devices to sway the audience to their point of view. Also, if the writers of our textbooks did not know how to write a proper historic essay, the students of the generation would be completely lost to the history that lie behind them due to the disorganized and unhelpful manner that such information would be presented. Instead of having a thorough recording of Napoleon’s motives in his conquest of France, the student would only have a few excuses and would be none the wiser to the deeds of their ancestors. Finally, the skill of writing a valuable essay is extremely important when considering the lab reports that are conducted by such professionals as a doctor or a forensic analyst. If a doctor does not understand how to write out his reports on a patient’s health thoroughly and with the correct terminology, the poor patient might be given the wrong medicine and thus be cheated out of a long happy life free of pain.

Similarly, if a forensic analyst conducts all of their tests and finds a collection of evidence to one suspect but does not know how to prove all their evidence is linked to that suspect in a correct manner, that obviously guilty suspect could end up free. This would be detrimental to both the forensic analyst’s credibility and the victim’s justice. The essay is a very important tool when trying to prove a point and get support for a slightly far-fetched yet appropriate idea for any situation. Also, the essay format helps one gather their ideas and learn to think in a logical manner. Even though a strong and convincing discussion has been known to do the trick, in most cases it is a far more appropriate choice to leave those words unsaid and apply a pen and paper to those powerful thoughts instead.