Actions speak louder than words.

I wretched him out of the river and knew that hypothermia had already set in. He could die if I did not act fast.

I didn’t have time to think I just had to act. I believe that what a person does is more important than what they think because words are not always true and actions are the only thing the progresses the world. Words are not always what they seem to be. Politicians usually bring in votes by promising this and that, when they finally get elected they do not do anything. This example proves that what people say is not always true, people will lie and lead you on.

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This is how life is dangerous. Actions cannot be faked, whatever someone does eventually the true intentions will be revealed. Love is an action word, words cannot explain how someone feels completely, actions can do that.The moon landing, an event that started the world into the space adventuring place we are in today. Everyone has heard it at least once in their life, “Actions speak louder than words.

” Actions not only speak louder than words they progress the world. New buildings, better technology, all of these things starting with actions.In conclusion, actions are the only thing that progress the world because words do not get the point across and words can be faked.