It was a bright Friday morning, and not a worry was in the air. Until a loud boom went off, splattering blood and bodies all over the floor.

The reason for all of this? Little Timmy Jones, who was bullied everyday since freshman year. Had he only thought of doing this, five seniors would still be in one piece. But Timmy didn’t just think, he did. This is why I believe actions are more important than thoughts.There was a shootout at a university not too long ago. All we heard about was the man that pulled the trigger, not the man that ran courageously and tackled him, taking a bullet in the process.

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This is the act of not just thinking about what to do, but actually doing it. Amazing things are created from acting, especially saving lives, wether it be from a fire or an illness.Actions are easily thought of, but not all thoughts are easily acted. Sometimes I think of what would happen if I did something crazy, like stealing a car and going on a high speed chase full of explosions. But then I think of the consequences and think “eh, better not.” I had just avoided causing lots of damage just by not acting, but no one knew what I had just thought, and what they had been saved from.To conclude, I believe actions are more important than thoughts, and actions can be thought easily thought, but thoughts cannot be easily acted.