How actions can affect the world

People can think up a storm of ridiculously intelligent ideas, but in reality, physically be a blob of uselessness on the sidelines. Without people expressing their ideas to the world through through there actions, we wouldn’t be the society we are today. Each and everyone of us hold the ability to alter this world in either a positive or negative way, but it’s our choice to make our thoughts a reality. I believe that our actions are significantly more important than our thoughts that roam endlessly in the background of what is our brain. Our world today has been pieced together by the variety of actions created by most people of the past and is currently being shaped by generation. The wonderfully structured art and eye candy we pass everyday, was all created by those people who stepped up and expressed their fascinating desires.

If we were to just think about something that may be beneficial to the world rather than to just attempt our wonders, the people of the world would not have the opportunity to view what could have been life changing. There are many people who develop very imaginative and expressive ideas, but limit those thoughts to only circulate around, imagining what the could have been. Lots of people are afraid of what the future holds or carry a fear of being judged by peers that may prevent them from attempting the dreams their mind has created. This is the reason why actions are much more important than than the thoughts of a person. A person who has the determination to accomplish their dreams and make their thoughts a reality, will do so regardless of what people will think or say.

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In conclusion, it is our own choice at the end of the day to put our thoughts into actions and give it a push into the world. We have to encourage, rather than put down, those people who are trapping their gifts into the underestimated part of their minds, to make a move on behalf of their thoughts. So yes, actions are far more important than thoughts, because actions build the people we become.