Actions are more important than thoughts

It was lunchtime and every bit was eating except for Billy. Billy was was being pushed around and bullied by Hank. Andy thought that was wrong, but didn’t do anything. Tom took action and put a stop to it.

I believe that actions are more important than thoughts, because actions solve problems and get work done.Actions solve problems because actions are physically capable of doing things, unlike thoughts. For example, what if your teacher gave you a zero on an assignment even though you did the work? If you were to just think that’s wrong and don’t do anything, your problem doesn’t get solved. Only when you take action,go up to your teacher and tell them what happened will you get a solution. This is why actions solve problems.

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Not only do actions solve problems, they get work done as well. Thoughts are procrastinations; you’ll get to it but it never gets done. Actions are the pencil to the paper. You can think about doing your homework, but it won’t get done. If take action and actually do the work, that’s how it gets done.

I believe actions are much more important than thoughts. Actions solve problems and get work done. Thoughts can visualize solutions, but when it comes down to it actions will change the world.