Why Is Our Pledge Important?

The Pledge of Allegiance has been at the crux of American culture since Fort McHenry as a symbol to represent our unique freedom. While most citizens, kids and adults alike have the Pledge memorized, few truly understand what those words represent. But even more important than that they don’t know what it means to themselves. While our years in the classroom reciting the Pledge help us to learn the words, it’s vital that Americans of all ages continue to feel something when speaking the words.

Perhaps, if everyone, not just students and teachers, was required to recite the Pledge daily, Americans would feel a stronger connection to the words. It is not until citizens are of voting age and lead their own households that the idea of a “free country” truly hits home. So while requiring kids to recite the Pledge daily is a great start to build the foundation of American pride and sets the stage to truly appreciate our country, continuing that tradition throughout Americans’ lives would help to keep nationalism top of mind. In conclusion, our pledge should be one of the first daily routines done in your office, home or classroom. Continuing to say the Pledge of Allegiance and breaking it down phrase by phrase will lead to finding the true meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. At the end of the day, all Americans should feel a personal connection to their country and, in turn, the Pledge of Allegiance.

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