Biography of Kesha

Kesha once said, “I’m about non-pretentious irreverence and [expletive] off good fun!” (Sebert in “Kesha”) Kesha Rose Sebert or more formally known as her stage name ‘Ke$ha’ has recently been number one on the music charts. She is known for her extreme and over the top style, and of course for her anything but ordinary music. She has the live that everyone dreams of now, but before it was a completely different story. She had struggles just like everyone else which is why everyone can relate to her and the incredible music she produces.

Kesha is anything but ordinary but that’s who she is. She couldn’t be prouder of her outrageous style, her childhood, and where her music has taken her in life. Kesha is more than a musician she is an inspiration to many people in the world. Kesha is now known as the ‘party girl’, but nobody really knows about her home life. Kesha Rose Sebert was born on March 1, 1987 in California.

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Kesha was born to her mother Pebe Sebert, a singer and songwriter. She was a single mom, struggling financially while supporting herself, Kesha and her older brother Lagan at the time. The family of three had to rely on welfare payments and food stamps just to get by. Kesha had to grow up without her father and still doesn’t know who he is. Pebe got a new publishing deal in Nashville, and in 1991 they moved to Tennessee. Soon after Kesha’s younger Brother Louis was born.

Pebe frequently brought Kesha and her brother to the recording studio. She was the first to encouraged Kesha to sing. Pebe also taught Kesha how to write songs, and they would often write together when she returned home from school. Kesha attended Franklin High School and Brentwood High School. She described herself in an interview as being “very studious” (Sebert in “Kesha”) in school; she was in the International Baccalaureate program and achieved an SAT score of 1500. However, she dropped out of school at seventeen and earned her GED after.

It wasn’t long before her mother Pebe Passed Kesha’s demo to Samantha Cox, Senior director of writer/publisher relations at broadcast Music Incorporated. And without a doubt they were impressed. They then convinced Kesha to return to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Kesha had always been around music ever since she was a little girl, and in 2005, at eighteen, Kesha was signed to Dr. Luke’s label and music publishing company. Kesha later sang background vocals for Paris Hilton’s single, “Nothing in This World”.

She ended up signing with David Sonenberg’s management company, DAS Communications Inc., in 2006, hardly interacting with Dr. Luke. Kesha worked with several writers and producers while at the company and ended up co-writing the Veronicas’ single, “This Love” together with Toby Gad. While Kesha was working on her career in the studio, she earned a living as a waitress. Two years after arriving in Los Angeles, She decided that she wanted Prince to produce her music and she located his home.

Soon thereafter she trespassed on his property. Once she was discovered, she was thrown out, but not before she left her demo with him. One day Kesha had unintentionally walked into a recording session with Flo Rida and Dr. Luke. Flo Rida wanted a female’s voice for the song; Dr.

Luke had then suggested for Kesha to sing with him. However, she is not credited for her feature on the US release of “Right Round” and did not collect any money for the part. She also refused to appear in the music video. She explained her decision in an interview by saying, “if you want to be a legitimate artist, it’s more important what you say no to. I knew he would want me to be some sexpot, shake my booty, and whatever.

“(Sebert in “Kesha”) Soon after, she was signed to a multi-album deal with RCA Records through Dr. Luke’s imprint. Kesha was awarded Best New Act at the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards in November. Her lead single “We R Who We R” became only the 17th song to debut at the top of the billboard Hot 100. With song’s charting it also gave Kesha her fifth straight top ten hit in the US.

In November, 2010, it was announced that Kesha would go on her first headlining tour, ‘Get Sleazy’ in spring 2011. Kesha said,” My record is honest fun. It’s a celebration of youth and life and going out and getting crazy.”(Sebert in “Kesha”) She had always been determined to get her music out there, and now that she has we couldn’t be happier. Kesha has an image like no other. When asked she responded, “If you mean ‘party girl’ like at a club with a short skirt on with no underwear, then no.

I’ve gotten drunk before but never gotten a DUI. I don’t go to clubs. I don’t do drugs, but I think I’m a walking good time and I talk kind of funny, so people think I’m messed up all the time. I’m not.”(Sebert in “Billboards”) this is what she responded when Bill Werde from Billboards asked her about her party girl image. Kesha’s makeup is anything but average.

Her styling consists of messy hair, Smudged makeup, and a wardrobe she commonly refers to as “garbage chic.” Her stage makeup is characterized by dramatic makeup on her right eye. She has picked up the name as ‘baby gaga’ just for her crazy and wild style. And what would Kesha be without her tattoos? She has three all together, one of a dollar sign, inspiring her stage name, a cross and another of an anchor that she got in Cuba. Kesha named Keith Richards as her fashion inspiration.

Richards called her “the degenerate Hannah Montana.” (Richards in “KE$HA BIOGRAPHY”) Kesha came in at number fifty-six on maxim’s 2010 Hot 100 “definitive list of the world’s most beautiful women.” Kesha has a ‘care free live life’ attitude, which is surprising after seeing the struggles she had to endure in life. There’s a lot more to Kesha then just what she gives out to the public. Kesha often faced opposition to her ambition to be a singer as result of her crazy and outgoing looks.

Kesha responded by saying. “People told me, ‘You shouldn’t be singing’- I went through awkward, chubby, total weirdo phases….I was in marching band. Did you ever think a little, chubby; awkward girl with braces in the marching band would be No 1 on top of the pop charts? No, you wouldn’t.”(Sebert in “Kesha”) Kesha keeps surprising us. Which is what makes her always new and exciting, she’s completely unpredictable.

She has such a passion for music and style. When asked she responded, “Freedom of speech is the only reason I have a career in music. I exercise that right every day, at every show and in every song. It is an invaluable right I feel every human is worthy of.”(Sebert in “KE$HA BIOGRAPHY”) Kesha has defiantly earned the life that she is living now.