Pourer Corporation Case Study

Pourer Corporation have two new products that are Globing and Humored. Globing is the first blood substitute for the veterinary market and is ready for launch. Humored is another new blood substitute for the human market and will take two years to launch. Ted Jacobs, UP (Human Clinical Trials), is concerned about creating an unrealistic price expectation for Humored by marketing Globing before Humored.

Whereas, Andy Wright, UP (Veterinary Products), believes that selling Globing has benefits as it will generate revenues that can be used for motto operations of company & for launching Humored and learning how to market Humored.

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Eliminating need of Blood typing Eliminating need of Blood Typing Short Life in body (2 – 7 days) Free from Contamination Max dosage of 5- 10 Units Shelf Life of 2 Years No Distribution Network No distribution Network RIB 100% efficient from Start No prior expo. In product launch Pourer Case Study By paraphrase No prior expo. In product launch Stored at Room Temperature Small RIB – Better Reach Made from Bovine Blood (Availability & Margin) OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Large & Realistic Market No Competition Competition (2 More Companies) Small & price sensitive make. Can be launched immediately

FDA BY Laws Vet Reluctance for Use price: $600 – $800 price: $200 2 Years in Launch Market Potential:- Market Potential: Made from Bovine Blood (Negative Perception) Marketing Strategy: Even though the surveys show that veterinarians recommend less-expensive treatments, 90% of pet owners are willing to know about all the available alternatives to treat their pets. Therefore, taking into account the advantages of Globing relative to alternatives, Globing should be priced at $200 per unit (matching price with Humored).

Instead of selling through distributors,

Pourer should directly sell through its sales forces (cost of distributing $10-$15); by doing so, the company will save 30% on distributor’s margin ($60 per unit). Globing can be advertised through Vet Journals and Trade Shows. Humored can take advantage of brand image built by Globing. Revenue generated by Globing can De uses Tort expanding Blouse’s production capacity By ten time Blooper Is ready to launch Humored they can establish a robust marketing team