Biscuits Pricing Strategy

Questions for Quiz to be held during ‘Swashrit’ 1) A British based private mining firm has been in news recently for the controversy regarding the violation of Forest Rights Act, at its bauxite mining site in Niyamgiri hills in Kalahandi district, Orissa. The picture below is the founder-chairman of this metals & mining company, who was poised to take over Mukesh Ambani as the richest Indian had the deal to acquire Cairn India, gone through. person or the company. Anil Agarwal – founder, chairman of Vedanta

Vedanta Resources (Hint: The issue is related to the state of Orissa) 2) What is so unique about this airplane? Name the World’s first solar-powered airplane – It has the wingspan of a Boeing 747 but weighs less than a small car; and is the first plane to fly around the world powered entirely by the sun. 3) Incorporated in 2006, this organization is a multi-]urisdictional public service designed to protect whistle-blowers, Journalists and activists who have sensitive materials to communicate to the public.

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Name this organization which has been in the news recently.

WikiLeaks 4) Following is a nation-wide campaign for what? Ann-abortion – Save the girl child campaign 5) Earlier this year, this environmental disaster caused extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitats as well as a Gulf’s fishing and tourism industries. What are we talking about? Answer: BP Oil spill 6) Explain the significance of this note. An NGO called 5th pillar introduced this zero-rupee note as the symbol for corruption; Indians can slip these notes to officials who demand bribes. They’ve been wildly successful, with a total run over 1,000,000 notes.

However, it has failed to get official recognition from the government.

Railway station built solely by the villagers of Taj Nagar With no halts in their village for over three decades, each family in Taj Nagar contributed Rs. 3000