Bitter Girls Case Study

What Is the Image you first think of when you hear the brand name Bitter Girls? What are both the strengths and weaknesses of selecting this brand name as to the goal of empowering young girls? When I first hear the brand name Bitter Girls I image a product that focuses around females who are unhappy, upset, need a place to vent, a way to express anger or resentment, or a product made by bitter women. I would not have assumed that the brand was supposed to be uplifting, inspirational, or something that was meant to help women better themselves and be happier.

After watching the Bitter Girls video I understand now that the company stated as a blob and then transformed Into a women empowerment company through quotes and products with their quotes. The brand name has some strengths and some weaknesses. As stated before, due to the fact that the name Bitter Girls misleads many people to believe that it has a negative connotation, it can be confusing to consumers and conflict with the brands ideals and goals.

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Many people may assume that this brand is based on ideals that it is actually trying to disprove or fight against.

I think that the strengths to having such a powerful name Include: easy brand recognition and recall, and that It stands out as a powerful, bold statement to attract the consumer base that they want to reach. A “bitter girl” may go to the site looking for a place to vent but instead find a whole community of women who struggle with the same issues and who can become a support group. This is how the brand can take a “bitter girl” and use its product to empower and connect with the young women who are their customer base. 2.

Describe how III Marketing has helped

Bitter Girls develop and promote their brand, products, comics, etc. How Is social media being used to drive traffic to the Bitter Girls web site? Is their marketing strategy working? Explain. III Marketing developed a way to reach the target market of teens and has helped move Bitter Girls products into the market so they can reach their target audience more efficiently and effectively. They started out as a blob to empower girls and then a product line of happy quotes to help girls. It turned out a darker more funny side of the company needed to come out to provide what the target market needed.

The help create awareness of the products using many different tools, mostly via the internet, such as their website, social media, and tangible products like handbags, shirts, etc.

Social media, and especially in Bitter Girls case, Faceable, has provided a way for consumers to directly communication with the brand and express their questions, concerns, ideas, things they like, etc. And share their likes and preferences with their friends as well. They can comment on new quotes that the company may be developing and have conversations about the products; as well as give Ideas directly to the company.

With this direct form of communication, Bitter Girls can take all this information and provide what the consumer with exactly what they want. Social media has also helped Bitter girls with their marketing strategy.

The company gets free advertising whenever someone likes a post or product and all their friends can see this which potentially can bring in new customers. Also, as Montreal In ten peeve, IT someone Likes ten Dragons Facecloth page teeny receive a free T-shirt, which is a great way to spread the company’s name and encourage consumers to become loyal fans and return to the page again. 3.

Is there a possibility of creating a Bitter Boys brand? Do you think this idea would appeal to boys of this age group? Why or Why not? Consider social media in your answer. Although there may be a possibility for testing the idea of a Bitter Boys brand I don’t think boys of that age would respond to it as well as teen girls. I believe that teenage boys would find the T-shirts and quotes to be slightly too feminine in nature and too expressive for the stigma of their age and gender.

I feel that this brand might be more successful if marketed to parents who still shop for their sons, a younger argue market perhaps.

Teen boys tend to focus on what their peers see as cool and would not feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone to wear such an individualized message or brand as Bitter Boys. Teen boys also are not looking for ways to empower themselves through quotes and products. Women are generally more openly emotional and expressive then men which is why the brand and the quotes work so well for them. If creating a Bitter Boys brand, again, the audience would have to be much younger and the quotes less “emotional” for them to want to ay the product.

. Explore the Bitter Girls web site www. Bitterness. Com. Is the web site effective? Consider the target audience when answering this question.

How can the web site be improved? Explain. I believe that there are many good qualities to this website but a lot of things that can also be improved on. I know that teen girls these days like a lot of interaction and entertainment and I believe that they could incorporate more of that into the website. Perhaps make a social media game involving the bitter girl characters or videos out of the comics.

There should also be an option for girls to write suggestions for new quotes and products right on the website and talk to one another. They could even create an interactive dressing room and SIMS like experience were consumers could make their own bitter girl avatar with her own background, look, name, quotes etc.

They could create a bitter girl community with avatars and different games, events, shopping centers, etc. They have utilized the site well but definitely can do a lot more with it still. What I do like is the simple layout and the consistency of the design.

Each character is well established and they have a very easy to understand and maneuvered website. I like hoe they provide a comic link, this adds some fun to the brand.

I also like how each girl has her own page and that the quotes are listed on the main home page for people to see. Another positive about the site is that everything has a direct link to Faceable so that you can like things, send messages, etc. Right from the website without ever having to navigate away from the page. They also have links to their products for sale which is a good way to utilize the website.