Dunkin donuts case study

The image I first have when I hear about Bitter Girls is an image of girls being mean and very hateful. The strengths and weakness about the name plays a huge role.

The strengths of the name are a great marketing scheme because it makes you interested in founding out information. The weakness is that the name doesn’t sound so appealing, so that may not attract people to Biter Girls. If you do not know the message it sounds like an terrible organization. The social media can play a huge role for Bitter Girls because everybody uses the Internet. If they put before and after pictures on there it will really attract people and make them want to Join the Bitter Girl movement. The reason why is because it shows people being successful and that means a lot to people.

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3) Bitter Girls can bring people from their website to his Backbone page by creating a link. That will really attract people because people will Just be curious and click on the link.

Backbone would help Bitter Girls out a lot. The reason why is because everybody has a Backbone from all ages, so that will play a huge role. That is an important goal because the more people to view are helping their business receive more popularity. 4) Bitter Girls can find new Likes If they do business deals with huge companies.

For example if they have somebody working for J. P. Chase Morgan that Is a Bitter Girl and promoting Bitter Girls that would be good marketing. It would help benefit because J. P.

Chase Morgan Is a great company, so If It shows them promoting Bitter Girls that would attract more people.

Advertising Bitter Girls on business pages would help out a lot. 5) Bitter Girls can create a cookie line Like Girl Scouts. I think that would be a great marketing scheme for them. They also could target the younger girl crowd, so that would help them out a lot. A Backbone page with them promoting their cookie line would be great.

The reason why because It will attract people to buy their products.