Backbone Case Study

But we can say that the most seed Social media websites is not really caring of the privacy issue. Backbone has more than 1. 19 billion active users Which Backbone ads are using its users Personal date to benefits the paid pages ads.

Some of the Issues are listed: Targeting Specific audiences by using users personal data. When a Backbone user Like a page all his friends will be notified of him Liking this page If a backbone user searched a topic, Backbone will recommend to the user pages that are related to the topic. And now with the new updates of Backbone. Backbone Can tracks the user mood, Place, Interests, and much more.

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Users updates their Statues or places without Knowing that they are being monitored. That’s why users should really be careful of what the write or search about.

How are Backbone ads different from that of its online rivals’ ads? Before Backbone ads there were two main types of ads on websites; search ads on Google and banner ads everywhere else, but Mark Seersucker CEO and expounder of the social media site wanted to be different by using a strategy that Is trusted by consumers and that Is “word of mouth” Backbone succeeded In this by making their users the marketers.

People would believe the choices of their friends and family over the heads of the advertising companies. What appeals Backbone to companies is that most actions done by the site users can be seen by their contacts -if someone liked a company or a product it will appear to their contacts- this type of advertising mainly aims to inform people about the brand and to keep the brand in mind for when making a purchase, it’s a different experience in that people can communicate to the companies by comments and showing brands as friends of the consumers rather than the normal gap that exists with other types of adverts. What are the challenges faced by Backbone ads? Backbone Is trying to revolutionize the online advertisement, and with the type of data It has access to, however using this data Is a challenge Itself.

The company biggest challenge now is trying to come up with an idea that appeals both to consumers Ana averters. Another canalling Is to attract people to ten ad, because when socializing, people are not in as much of a mood to click ads as they are when actively searching for information. Backbone may promote a brand or provide a link to a brand site, but many still don’t carry friends’ recommendations or even a like button.

Also Knowing demographic bullet points about someone, is not as valuable as knowing what they’re looking for right now. A site like Google and Yahoo understands its users and offer such experience due to the nature of search ads unlike Backbone. A lot of companies promote for their brand, and make occasional offers through their Backbone page, where a number of users interact with, as some reach to a possible purchase.

Which is an added quality for the company, as they’re gaining more customers for free, Whereas Backbone “the online medium” that helped in this process don’t get paid for it.