Backbone “The Online Medium”

Why is Backbone unique in the world of personal marketing ? Backbone is fulfilling its mission to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Person marketing is a part of direct marketing, they try to reach and deliver goods and services to customers without using middleman.

So in order to understand our customers, a one-to-one approach is becoming essential.

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In addition he traditional channels such as mass media, coffee hours, spot TV ads, direct mail cannot guarantee a new and up-to-date way to be known by the audience. People around the world, also politicians and VISP, use Backbone to push their campaigns and communicate with supporters and fan on a local also personalized basis. Markets Needs Ninth the substantial growth worldwide, there will be increasing need for logistics help to move the parts not only to the Malaysia but around the world.

The logistics needs will change as the industry grows as well.

If Supervise Motors can be one of the first movers, then in the future, they will able to take advantage of their increased experience to competitors. Clients come to Supervises Motors to obtain reliable, traceable and timely logistics expertise. They understand it is difficult to handle logistics needs and would prefer to concentrate on their core competencies.

Supervises Motors increased buying power and superior shipment control reduces cost and increased the clients ease with handling worldwide operations. A long term relationship is the result as businesses continue to need additional product movement. Market Trends Trends are in our favor.

We have three major trends that help us : The supervises and service that we provide is one of the favorite supervises in Malaysia and Wolds. Rat supervises is the most popular in the worlds. We gave a service such as repairing, maintenances and accessories.