Backbone case write-up

Backbone case write-up According to Gallagher, “social graph” refers to Passbook’s ability to express, collect, and leverage the connections between the site’s users, or as some other described as, “the global mapping of users and organizations, and how they are connected”. Passbook’s network effect, switching cost and social graph are Incredibly solid and powerful. Without the network effect, Backbone would not exist; people are captivate by this service because others care about are more likely to be there than anywhere else online.

Plus because of their large user base they have also engage all sorts of firms and organizations looking to connect with their masses. Another strength Backbone have Is there highly potent switching costs; they do not need to move from one product to another, which means that they do not need to recreated their entire social graph and they would not waste time and money In a service they do not need. If they would invest in their graph, they are less likely to move to a rival.

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Backbone possess an extremely good strategy of envelopment, as a hub of all things social, Backbone is able to turn on features and instantly gain an important traction. Backbone establish and used this having in mind several goals which are becoming the dominant messaging platform, become number one in online photos and poised to expand into many other areas that included document sharing, e-mail and more. Lately, Backbone has gain a group IM service Sharecrops and reports have stated that Backbone video is bigger than CBS