Body Piercings

Have you ever wondered why people get their bodies pierced? Some people get their body pierced head to toe. A piercing is simply a pierce or puncture made in your body by a needle.

What some people don’t realize is that people don’t only get piercings for the fun of it. There are many different reasons of why people pierce their body that I will tell you about. Piercings can lead to good things and also bad things. No matter what the logic is for body piercings it is a personal choice and values always count. People not only get body piercings for the looks but, also for their culture or values. According to the article “Why Do People Get Body Piercings”, in certain cultures, particular body piercings are a part of their heritage and tradition.

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In Asian cultures, a nose piercing is considered to be a rite of passage according to Jennifer Wark. This piercing is given upon the transition to adulthood for young women, and in some cases is never removed. Wark also said, “These cultures are at the root of the modern primitive and tribal movements which use piercings in the same fashion.” People may not realize that body piercings have been around longer than they may know. “Body Piercings” describes that even in the bible as far back as Genesis; one can find records of piercings in which a servant of Abraham gave the wife of Isaac a nose ring.

While in today’s conception, the Christian faith frowns on the mutilation of one’s body through piercing unless it is a woman with her ears pierced, the fact remains is that it is an old tradition dating back to the days when tattooing became a common place. “Awesome,” look at that sweet piercing! In the article ‘Why Do People Get Body Piercings”, many people simply like the way body piercings look. Today the popularity of piercings has risen dramatically among young adults where marketing is targeted. Who doesn’t fall into peer pressure or popular new trends? When other people see things or an item on others and it catches their eye, they might be pressured into doing the same thing. It isn’t very hard to fall into peer pressure when you see something you really like.

Have you ever wondered how much of the population are women who get their ears pierced? According to 72% of the population is women. Also, has found out that of all Americans 14% have a body piercing other than their ear lobe. Some people may wonder how many people have had their ears pierced, statistics from have found that 83% of Americans have. Piercings may look sweet but they can also lead to some problems. Piercings can lead to infection or scarring. Simanowitz and Robach cited several studies showing that piercing, if not done properly and carefully, can lead to infections or even allergic reactions in some people. They believe a statewide law would bring some standardization to the process. Piercers McCormick and Backus both stressed that they provide instructions on how to care for piercings by keeping them clean and for disinfecting the skin around them.

McCormick and Backus both want to make sure that people are caring for their ears after they are pierced to help prevent infections. Some people may think you only can get infections or scarring from piercings but that is wrong. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has issued a warning that tongue and lip piercings cause dental problems. Lip and tongue piercings can cause, chipped, cracked or fractured front teeth that can only be repaired with fillings or crowns, risk of disease, such as hepatitis, blood loss from broken vessels, irreversible nerve damage, and barbells wearing away at gums, which can lead to tooth loss. AACD President Dr. Marty Zase says, “If someone is considering an oral piercing, she/he should consult a dental professional before making the decision.

Should you have to be 18 to have your ears pierced on your own? Lawmakers are now made to regulate piercings with a law that would require parental consent for those under 18 to get navel rings, nose studs and other forms of metal body art. Some places do not require you to have parental consent if you are under 18. According to when you get your body pierced you always want to make sure the shop is clean, the piercer washes his/her hands, piercer wears fresh disposable gloves, piercer sterilized instruments and are thrown away after use, the needle is new, and needle is disposed of in a special sealed container. Also according to, before you get a piercing, make sure you know if you’re allergic to any metals.

Are piercings really that big of a deal? In some schools students cannot have visible piercings, along with certain jobs. In the Wilson Daily times Mercer said, “He understands the principals are trying to fix a policy that’s been difficult to enforce.” Mercer added that he thinks if students use their piercings to create a disruption at school then there are rules to enforce that. Previously, the district’s student dress code stated that “there shall be no jewelry affixed to a student’s nose, tongue, lips, cheeks or eyebrows” while at school. Before getting a body piercing you always needs to think about what the causes will be of your decision. The outcome won’t always be bad but you need to try to think of what the worst case scenario could be.

Don’t need to let other people make the decision for you. Body piercings have been around for centuries. They are still very popular in today’s world. The American Academy of Dermatology advises against all forms of body piercing except that of the earlobes. Piercings are simply your own choice. According to “Why Do People Pierce Their Bodies,” for most it is more a statement that they are free and independent of restrictions society tries to place on them, for some it may be trying to honor the culture of their ancestors.

Wark also stated that piercings may be a reminder, a memorial or simply a mark of distinction which helps to remind the wearer of where they were at a certain point in their life.