Bonnie Parker, Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The most wanted criminals in the 1930’s were Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Many people would not believe that before Bonnie met Clyde she was straight laced and she obeyed the law.

After they met Bonnie entered a world of crime.She was a small town girl who was sheltered and had good morals. Clyde had changed Bonnie’s life whether it was for better or for worse. Bonnie Parker was born in a small town in Texas on October 1,1910. Her father died when she was merely four years old causing her family to pack up and move to a suburb by the name of Cement City.

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When she was eighteen she worked as a waitress and fell in love with Roy Thornton who later broke her heart and caused Bonnie to become depressed. After living in a state of depression, Bonnie decided to visit a friend in West Dallas; where she would later met her partner in crime, literally, Clyde Barrow. Upon meeting Clyde, Bonnie had no prior knowledge of his building criminal record nor did she care because they were in love. Bonnie was so in love with Clyde that when he was sentenced to two years in jail she visited him everyday and never gave up on him. Lovesick Clyde asked his soulmate Bonnie to help him escape prison. He never went through with the plans to escape and he was released in 1932 after twenty months in prison.

Bonnie and Clyde would go on a twenty one month crime spree and were on the run for the rest of their lives. They would rob small businesses and banks leaving behind a bloody trail of murders. Bonnie would spend some time in jail because of a stolen car. When Bonnie was released from prison,Clyde went to Oklahoma and killed two policemen with fellow member of the Barrow gang. The Barrow gang had consisted of Clyde’s older brother Buck and his wife Blanche, Henry Methvin,W.

D.Jones,Raymond Hamilton,Joe Palmer,Ralph Fults and of course Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie had written two poems while her and her lover were on the run, The Story of Suicide Sal and the Story of Bonnie and Clyde. She had given her mother a copy of her poem about her life with Clyde just weeks before they were gunned down. Bonnie always knew they would eventually get caught by the law she was just unsure when they would be punished for their crimes once and for all. (Rosa) “Some day they’ll go down together; And they’ll bury them side by side; To few it’ll be grief To the law a relief But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

” (Parker) This is the last stanza of the poem that Bonnie wrote about her life with Clyde. Bonnie always knew that the actions Clyde and her were doing were against the law but she never tried to stop them. She had an innocent soul, she just fell in love with a criminal. May 23rd,1934 was a tragedy for the story of Bonnie and Clyde. The authorities had caught word of their whereabouts and made a plan to use the element of surprise on the outlawed couple.

Clyde drove down a long road in Gibsland, Louisiana with his beloved in the passenger seat. The car came to a stop suddenly and the police started to open fire on the couple’s car. After 167 rounds they slowly approached the car to find Bonnie and Clyde bloody and dead with 50 rounds shot into their bodies. The car was completely destroyed with bullet holes throughout the exterior.This car would later be known as the Bonnie and Clyde car and was made famous due to this tragic event. At the time, Bonnie was only twenty-three and Clyde was twenty-four.

The authorities were very relieved that they finally caught Bonnie and Clyde and their crime spree would finally end. Bonnie’s parents refused to have their daughter buried beside a criminal such as Clyde. It really was the end for Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie Parker was as innocent as they come but she was caught in a love affair that changed her whether it was for better or for worse. Bonnie and Clyde went down in the history books not for their love but for their crimes. Bonnie Parker was an innocent small town girl who turned into a wanted outlaw due to true love.

People do crazy things for love and Bonnie was willing to pay any price to be with her beloved Clyde.